Can someone please provide detailed descriptions of what Our Lord Jesus Christ went through during Holy Week (from Lazerus Saturday to the Resurection). As you know it is very urgent and all replies would be greatly appreciated.

I wish you all a blessed and fruitful Holy Week.

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  • Here is a draft pdf in english found while searching the net, with short notes on Holy Week events (with readings and references). Hope it is useful.


    This page explains the great miracle of the Holy Light:
  • well He first went in to jerusaleum on a donkey which is palm sunday of course than on monday He saw a fig tree and cussed it cuz it resembles sins cuz it looked good on the outside but in the inside is dirty than He took the people out of his temple cuz they were buying and selling stuff than on wednesday he tells the disicples to wait while he prays and they go to sleep and it happenes again and again then on thursday he judas betrays him by a kiss than on friday he gets crux cifyed :( :'(
  • You can watch or listen to the broadcasting right now and everyday at the same time. Fr. Abraam Sleman and Fr. Markos Ayoub of St. Mark's church will give sermons about the events of every day of pascha. even tho u missed yesterday's, you can start watching for tonight and the rest of the week. and also soon all these sermons will be online.
  • Sunday- Palm Sunday: Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey and people shouting Hosanna in the Highest...

    Monday- The incident of the fig tree, he cursed it. The fig tree symbolises the city of Jerusalem and the people within it; how Jesus wanted to save them and "shelter them under his wings like a hen shelters her chicks under her wings", but they would not. Also, he entered the temple and saw the people buying and selling etc etc

    Tuesday- Preached in the synagouge about the second coming and the end of the world; how we must repent and be aware that the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Then he stayed at Lazarus' house.

    Wednesday- He rested and did not preach at the synagouge because like a lamb that is taken to the slaughter, it must rest. Hence, Jesus is our lamb that was taken to the slaughter, and so he rested.

    Thursday- The Last Supper (passover) and betrayal by Judas

    Friday- Crucifixion of our Lord :'(

    Hope i helped
  • Mazza,
    GREAT breakdown of the week. Just a few additions.

    Monday: The fig tree represents people in general not just Jerusalem who look rightious on the outside but dont have any fruit (Fruits of the Holy Spirit)

    Wednesday: Two Important events took place.
    1) Mary, Sister of Lazarus and Martha, broke a bottle of fragrant oil and poured it on Jesus's Head
    2) Judas went to the Jews and made the agreement to betray Jesus. Thats why starting Tuesday Night (Even of Wednesday) we dont kiss each other to remind ourselves of the sign that Judas gave the Jews.

    I hope this helped
  • i knew i was missing some tihngs lol

    thanks for correcting me ;)

    God bless
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