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hey guys
i was just thinking of the topic evolution
i got into a discussion with someone
and i argued that i dont believe in evolution because it goes against what the bible says
correct me if i am wrong but if the Adam and Eve story is correct then how come sicence says that we came from monkeys
i just dont get it ??? ???

any thought that could help me
thanx guys


  • Hey CA,
    Check this out:


    It's the topic "Evolution vs. Creation" that you would like to discuss. We already have that discussion going in the above thread.

    Maybe instead of posting in this topic, members can share their opinions in the above topic.

    - Chris
  • thanx chris
    i didnt know that the we started this topic before
    sorry as u can c i am a newbie
  • I know that I'm not Banoub, but we were all newbies once before. No problem. lol.

  • lol. Sleepy, feel free to speak for me anytime ;)

    Sleepy is right, we were all 'newbies' once. But you'll come to love this site and get around so easy, it'll be a second nature to you lol. I promise.

    - Chris
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