has this easter been as good as last years?...maybe it's just me

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Hi Guys,

yea so this is my problem. I just dont feel like its easter. I dont feel as close to god as before and seeing that we are in the holiest days of the year, im taking it as any other day of the week.
is it just me? does anyone feel the same?
it might be that im still in school and we have easter holidays next week but i feel terrible to think that were nearly a week away from holy week and i havnt changed spiritually

any help? ??? ??? :-\ :-\\
its a bit depressing :-\


  • Well I am in the same boat...so I don't think it's just you...I thought it will get better...but it definetly isn't..so I am really looking forward for holy week, I think if I didn't make the best out of my spiritual life during the whole 47 days, then it will definetly get better during holy week. Just pray...Christ will hear your prayers. rabna m3aaky :)
  • I'm with you all, I do feel like that, I feel like I had a better Christmas fast than this one, I feel shameful, and I haven't confessed or repented in a while, I feel so bad, I want to confess this week, enshalah, but I think what we can do, is squeeze in time, I know we all have homework or we have to go somewher, and we have to go to school, but you can fit time in your schedule, I know everyone has to have time with God, pray as Marianne said, and btw also you might want to talk with your Foc, or you could give it sometime, you'll feel pain on 1 day-----> which is GOOD FRIDAY, and that's when you give respect to God in what he has suffered for our souls!

    Coptic Servent
  • its sad to know that its only in holy week or good friday that we feel the closest 2 god, like y it cant be everyday
  • It's either because of temptation, or your too busy sometimes, I only feel close to God, when I'm praying, or lighting on a candle, or when I'm in church for any church occasion!

    Coptic Servent
  • Well, sometimes, like CopticServent said, we are too occupied with the goals around us that we cannot seem to think about God as much anymore. We also come to think that around this time everyone has testing so everyone is studying and doing homework until like 2 in the morning, lots of people miss church due to jobs, and things like that. We cannot become too occupied becuase it stresses us out and leads us away from God. The stress could even be blamed on God and then you will even move yourself away more and more. We have to balance our time, especially during the Great Lent. You could read the Bible extra, or umm... pay more attention in church, or set a goal that you want to accomplish that will help you spiritualy. When you are fasting and praying you want to be so concentrated on God because fasting is a time to just devote to God. We should 'arise with God.' That's how our Sunday School teachers put it. You want to be busy with school and all, but never that busy that you don't even have time for God. It's really hard to focus all year, I think, but you feel it during this time because you are thinking about everything God did for us and what you are doing. This is kind of happenening to me too, but after I taught a lesson in Sunday School and confessed and we are learning psalms, I started to feel as if I were drawing closer to God. In your free time try to keep yourself SOOO occupied with God, I hope I helped.

    love lots,
  • thank u
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