Pascha book

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Hello everyone...

I wanted to know if there was a Pascha Book anywhere online? Thanks in advance.


  • btw i wanted to know wut does pascha book contain? n also wut do they do in church in holy week? plz as detailed as u can

  • hmm lets see.

    A pascha book contains the prophesies of the Old Testament for each hour, ans they sometimes contain something from our father the saints, i.e. Abba Shenouda the Archmadrite, St. John, ect.. Then they contain the doxology of the pascha "kirie layson, coc tete gom nembe o...". Then they contain the psalm and the Gospel for every hour. I believe all of this is said in church during the pascha.
  • and the tare7 at the end...which is an explanation of the bible read.

    By the way if u still looking for one online they have it on noy like u can't c it....

    I tried downloading it but it didn't work so just wondering if it was ok when anyone downloaded it or is it not working for everyone.
  • Oh yea and the litanies too...

    Its ok I don't need it anymore...
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