Things Are Not Always As They Appear

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Things Are Not Always As They Appear

One Day Two Angels From Heaven Came Down To Earth To See How People Was Night Time, So They Knocked On A Palace, To Ask If They Could Sleep The Night, Since It Was Snowing.the Owners Of The Palace Were Very Arrogant And Rude. They Refused To Help The Two Angels. After The Angels Begged Them, They Finally Agreedto Let Them Sleep Over,but, Under One Condition. The Angels Were To Sleep In The Very Old, And Dirty Store Room.the Angels Agreed And Thanked Them. In The Middle Of The Nightthe Older Angel Found A Hole In The Store Room's Roof, So He Blocked The Hole And Fixed It. The Younger Angel Said To The Older One "the Owners Of The Palace Have No Mercy, And Are Rude, Why Did You Fix Their Roof.the Older Angel Said"things Are Not Always As They Appear".
The Next Day, The Angels Left The Palace,and Started Another Night They Found An Old House Made Of Mud. They Knocked On The Door, And Asked The Owners To Let Them Sleep The Night In Their House. The Owners Were A Poor Family Consisting Of A Man, His Wife, And 2 Children.these People Owned A House Conisting Of A Bed Room With Only One Bed, And A Small Area For Their Only Cow, Which They Used To Sell Its Milk To Be Able To Survive.
The Family Welcomed The Two Angels.they Fed Them From The Little Food They Had, And Insisted On Letting Them Sleep On Their Only Bed.
In The Middle Of The Night, The Two Angels Heard Screaming.they Ran To See What Happened. The Cow Which Was The Only Means Of Income To This Loving Family Had Died.the Younger Angel Said To The Older One "why Did That Happen To This Loving Family, It Is Not Fair". The Older Angel Answered"things Are Not Always As They Appear.
The Two Angels Comforted The Family, And Then Left. In The Way, The Younger Angel Was Very Upset At What The Older Angel Has Done, For He Rewared The Arrogant Family And Hurt The Poor, Loving He Asked The Older Angel.
The Older Angel Said"i Fixed The Hole In The Rich People's Palace, Because I Found That It Contained Gold, And Dimonds.since They Were Rude And Arrogant, I Sealed Thses Riches From Them Because They Did Not Desereve Them.
When We Were At The Poor People's Home, I Saw The Angel Of Death Coming To Get The Soul Of The Wife, So I Gave Him The Cow's Instead, So To Keep This Loving Family Together.things Are Not Always As They Appear"
This Is A Fiction Story That Has A Great Lesson To All.we Migh Pass Through Troubles, Or Be Given A Heavy Cross, And We Think That God Has Forgotten About Us,OR is PUNISHING US.This Is How It Seems. But It Is Usuallyfor Our Benefit and we discover later that the heavy cross, or the pain we went through was for a good reward that we could not see at the time of trial. .


  • aww. that's a great story. i was confused until the explanation and stuff. thanks for sharing.

    love lots,
  • nice one ;D, thanks for sharing!

  • I looked back to my life and you see this happens many times.

    Thank you it is very nice story.

  • This is super extra old but it is very very nice please read it.
  • Amazing thank you for sharing youstina
  • i don't get the part about the hole in the roof... why did the Angel said He fixed it???  other than that part... it is an amazing story...
  • The Angel fixed the hole in the rich man's domain so that he would be deprived of the treasures hidden there i.e. as punishment for his lack of hospitality. Beautiful story

    pray for me

  • Wonderfull story! :P
    Thanks for sharing :)

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