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Hey i heard some people saying that you can get the Bible on audio and maybe even download and burn it so you can listen to it in the car. Does anyone know a link to were i can download the Bible or even listen to it.


  • yes go to to get AAAAANY version of the Bible you want. lol
    have a good time and take care, peace.

  • I coudn't find the NKJ version of the BIble. Can someone help.
    Thanks alot
  • i regret to inform you that the NKJ Bible is not going to be found free on the net
    it is a more modern version and has lots of copyright to it, so if you do find it on the net or somewhere "Free" it is probably illegal.
  • Thanks for that site, I downloaded the OT in Hebrew.

    I also went to download the NT in Greek and got the shock of my life. Its Greek, but with a TEXAN accent! I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

    John 1:1 should read "En archi in o Logos, keh o Logos in pros ton Theon, keh Theos in o Logos".

    This one is read "Eyn arkey in ha lagas, kay ha lagas eyn pras tan theyan, kay theyas eyn ha lagas".

    I'm still not sure whether to laugh or cry!

    Which brings me on to a related question. All the audio files I see online are just the Bible being read plainly (and badly as the above proves). Aren't there any sites where the Gospel is recited in the traditional way (chanted)?

    You can go to one Muslim website and find about 150 different recordings of the Qur'an (which is about the length of the NT) chanted beautifully in its original Arabic, but you can visit 150+ Christian websites without finding a single recording of the NT being chanted.

    I know this site offers the Gospel of John chanted in Arabic - which I think is GREAT, but its only one book of 27.

    Except for that one, the closest I've found are short readings from the Gospels read during liturgies, which isn't quite the same as being able to listen to the whole thing in its entirety. That being said I will be your friend for life if you can find me a site that offers the whole Evangelion and Apostolos in mp3 format.
  • Here is the King James Version Link:

    Click on "Zip Download" to download it to your computer (you will have to extract it after you download it).

    Please forgive me and pray for me,

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