Request for Arabic!

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Please give me the Arabic for the following statement:

"There is no god but God, and Jesus is His Son."


  • Lah Ilah Ila Alla, We Yasoo Ibn Alla. lol

    i wonder wat thats for. lol
  • Thanks!!

    Well Avenger, I can assure you that it's for purely informational purposes. ;D

    God bless!
  • ya i have to agree with Coptic_Avenger [glow=blue,2,300]VERY[/glow] interesting statement to translate
  • Hmmm, do you think that it's inappropriate for me to say? I'm not a native Arabic speaker, so I don't know if it's correct.
  • i won't say that it is inappropriate it is just almost close to the Mulsim sahada which is Lah Ilah Ila Alla, Mohammed Rasouel Alla
    and i never heard anyone really say Lah Ilah Ila Alla, We Yasoo Ibn Alla before.
    Becuase most Copts don't say Lah Ilah Ila Alla because in Egypt it is a Muslim thing
  • i agree with wasim
    it is a very interesting statment and iv never heard a christian say it
  • The muslim saying is “la ilah al alah, mohammedun rasool alah” meaning there is no god but allah and mohammed is his prophet.

    There is no Christian saying that simply replaces “mohammed is his prophet” with “jesus is his son”. They aren’t interchangeable as you have made it appear.

    Like has been said, its not inappropriate, but it just doesn’t sound right. It’s the same as saying “allahou akbar” which means god is great. There is nothing wrong with that, god IS great. However, its not a common phrase for Coptics and it is left to those who said it first, the muslims.
  • Yet Mark in October 1973, Copts and muslims were yelling out 'Allah o Akbar' (God is Great).

    But I think it's intresting if you say "La Illah ila Allah AlThalooth El Akdas, Alab wal Ebn wal Roh El Kodos" (There is no god but Allah, the Holy Trinity, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit)

    I myself do not say "Be'sm Allah... when reading a muslim verse (since I went to a school in Egypt, islamic verses were forced on Copts ad muslims) and I NEVER say after moo ham mad (lol, yankee3, u kno what I mean NC, right?? ;)) Salah Allah...

  • [quote author=Defender! link=board=1;threadid=352;start=0#msg4182 date=1087844429]

    But I think it's intresting if you say "La Illah ila Allah AlThalooth El Akdas, Alab wal Ebn wal Roh El Kodos" \

    But please keep in mind that I'm not an Arab. So if you ask me to pronounce that long sentence, I might sound like "La la ilallalah Al Tooth El Kadas, Alabal Ebn Rolokodos."

    God bless!
  • this is very interesting. but instead of all this, y dont we say a verse, like "God is Love."
  • That's a good point to bring up. Why don't you find something to say in english from the bible, and if you want, you can translate it into arabic, if that's what makes you happy. lol.

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