Over and over and over again...

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  • LOL... sometimes you need to overlook things... because they are jokes... lol... but if its really bad... you should talk to the person and tell them about it... and maybe talk about it!!! lol
  • keep trying... lol... wow that must be a real jerk!
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    No actually i think im done trying, i think they should get the point now.. and yea, tell me about it!

    Im glad you find this to be humorous.

    Have patience with them and keep trying to explain to them how it makes you feel. Never give up hope and ask God to help you in making this person understand how you feel.
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    What if you really want them to finally learn how you feel on their own, and you dont wanna be too pushy or nag...then what?

    I'd say just have faith that if you keep at it they will learn. If you give up then they may think you were not serious about it and it may become that they will unlikely learn the error of their ways I think
  • I'd say that person is not much of a friend if s/he keeps on doing it over and over again. If you've alreay tried then leave it up to God and He will do the rest.
  • i gotta agree with Of all nations. If that person doesnt get it by now that the thing they do annoys u then they don't respect the friendship enough to realize that enough is enough.

    i understand how u feel though when something is bugging u and u try not to be mad and stuff but it never works...i hate when that happens >:(
  • nene be pushy but not aggressive. also let them know that u have tried to be patient. i'll pray for u grl :-\
  • I haven't read all of them so I may repeat. God told us to act like him and he longsuffered for us, or he was patient for us. We sin and we come back OVER AND OVER AGAIN... Be patient, like some people said. Be like God and don't give us on this friend. If it's worth it and you really mean something to her, she will stop. And, if SHE is worth it you will longsuffer for her.

    love lots,
  • maybe you should speak to your confession father or a counciller or psychologist they would probably know
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