Do you ever get angry or upset at God??? becuase at the moment...i am

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i was wondering is it wrong to get angry at god for like not.... ok here is my story:

i received an exam back today and the result wasnt all that good and im like sooooo angry that god didnt give me a good mark like my friends. yes i did study, yes i do my work, yes im such a hardworking person.

why didnt he??????
is it wrong that im angry and like i dunno, i guess so upset that he could do that after all my study and work

help?? anyone???


  • you studied... but not hard enough habibi/ habibti... its okay next test... lol...
  • im just so upset :-[
  • be fast to listen and slow to wrath...

    it may be a test from God..

    Job was angry from God...he questioned the day he was born...but neva eva cursed or done wrong against God...

    put job as an example...GOD may reward u with 10 folds...
  • im just so upset

    I know... but cry me a river... lol... totally kidding... but dont blame God if He's not to be blamed... if that was the case blondes would have done a lot of blaming... lol... sorry had to say that... lol... no but really know that its your fault... not God's... study harder...
  • u guys are probably right
    i feel terrible for being angry but like i cant help it maybe it is a sign that i should try harder i dunno
  • yer u got every right to be angry..but at the result..not now i know u r human.. :P
  • Being angry at God for a bad grade???

    WOW, I really don't know what to say but WOW and how disappointed I am. Are you guys kidding me?

    Actually, I change my mind I do know what to say and I feel a lecture coming on because I’m fed up with people that blame God for little insignificant things.

    There are people in this world who have it a billion times more worse off then us and yet they don’t complain or loose faith for a second.

    -People’s kids are dying of cancer and yet some have faith and pray.
    -Kids have cancer and yet they have faith
    -In Africa kids are STARVING, HOMELESS, AND ORPHANS yet they don’t complain
    -Ever heard of Rwanda? Darfur? Genocide?

    Its really sad when we have so much and yet we vent and whine and blame God for not being there for us. God is not our little special genie that grants us our every wish, He does what He sees is best for us and does it accordingly. Maybe if you got a good grade you wouldn’t have studied as hard on your next exam and failed the class? I don’t want to speculate because who am I to speculate on Gods behalf. But everyone stuffs up on an exam and trust me this is not your first exam that you will stuff on and I promise you it surly wont be the last one either.

    Are both your parents alive? And if so are they living together?
    Do you have a home that covers you from the rain and keeps you warm when its cold?
    Do you have food on your table?
    Do you have a computer and internet that’s considered a luxury for so many third world countries?
    Are you persecuted for being a Christian like our brothers and sisters in Egypt and other Islamic countries?
    Are you getting an education that so many kids are deprived of?
    Do you have clothes that cover your body that are not torn and disgusting?
    Do you have shoes that you wear on your feet?
    Do you have a church to go and pray in?

    Before anyone thinks that God is unjust I would answer the above list and reconsider my stance and reevaluate my view on life and my relationship with God.

    In His Name
  • Is it wrong to be angry at God for not getting an expected grade? I think it is! My brotherly advice is this: First try to make an effort to re-examine your studying method if there were any defects to it and strive to improve it next time so that you will be able to have an improved grade.

    And second inquire suggestion or any kind of recommendation from some one, may be from your friends who did better than you at this time or may be your teacher or anybody as long as s/he is able to help you accomplish your goal, which is to set up an effective studying plan.

    Third getting unanticipated grade at times is not necessarily a horrible thing instead it will give you a drive and serve as simulant to work harder next time, at least from my experience, which is great.

    So I would say getting upset is probably a normal reaction to it but NOT when it is at God. Plus as ‘Why’ said it may be a test as Job, which will make you stronger in the long run in addition to being more rewarding if you keep being faithful to God and rely on Him, and also you are human.

    Anyways take it easy, it is not a big deal.
  • I just read it, excellent points 'joyisgod'!
  • Likewise
  • I did not mean to make anybody feel bad, at least intentionally. So I am sorry if I did!
  • Nene 0578,

    No one is saying don't be upset when you get a bad grade. We all had/and will have bad exams and grades, that’s just natural.

    But do we blame God??? I don't think so and certainly not for getting a bad grade, when God has been so merciful to us in every possible way.

    I'm not trying to make mazza feel bad or kick her while she’s down, but everyone needs to think before typing up a post. Nor am I being a hypocrite because when I get a bad grade I get disappointed and upset, but I don’t blame God and ask why He has forsaken me?

    Doesn’t getting upset at God for getting a bad grade a little “hypocritical” in the first place??? Food for thought my friends

    In His Name
  • thanks guys for all your comments

    i did not take offense to anything

    i think maybe god has sent u to me to loosen my rock heart at the moment and show me his true love...and give me a wake up call

    thank you

    jus please pray for me
  • Man, I thought someone died or something....

    You're mad at God for a bad grade?

    Seriously...just get over it. I failed a few tests in my life but the only person I blamed for my grade was myself. The lower the grade I got, the higher the next grade would be on another test! You can learn from whatever mistakes you made on the test, re-evaluate your study methods, see why you got those answers wrong, and figure out if what areas you need to work on, based on those wrong answers. If your teacher grades cumulative, this is good. If not, just read the material once, twice or even three times to make sure you know more about this test than the person who made it! You can NEVER over study. But you can ALWAYS under study.
  • Hope you do well the next time.

    Examine your exam if you can.

    God did not answer the exam but you did. He did not correct it but someone else did. We here often have a situation of careless exams corrections. How then can we blame God? All we can do is study well and pray He guides us in the answers then those who correct exams.

    Suppose, just for one second, that God would treat us the way we treat Him: can we stand before His anger??? I don't think you really meant you're angry with Him but rather frustrated. God is just: He will help you if you thank Him for everything and try study harder.

    Some studies require different approaches and skills. No one is skilled in all things. Allow God to choose what's best for you.
    HH Saint Pope Kyrillos intercedes on behalf of students.
  • mazza, i know how you feel. sometimes i feel the same way too. but i never let it get to me cause i know it is so not God. if you pray and work hard and have enough confidence that you will do good on it, you will def. get a good grade. if i get a bad grade on a test i know it is because i don't study well enough for it. the devil try's to convince me it is God, and i just ignore it and say it was me because i did not try hard enough.

    1. STUDY
    2. Pray
    3. Know you can do it :)

    but don't be angry at God
  • Im not sure all I say is true under..

    How do you know it was because mazza did not study enough that she did not get a grade she would be happy about?
    Could this not be a trial from God? maybe because she has known God for some time (if that is true) God wanted to test her to see if she will be angry at Him if He does not give her such a good grade.. And He might of had plans to bless her in the future on earth and heaven..
    Those who know God for a shorter time God might answer their prayers quickly so that they may know He is merciful personally to them or something but those who known Him for some time should know this already because He has done so much for them..
    Im not sure if all I say is true...
    And there might be other reasons why mazza did not get a grade she would be happy about.. who knows all the wisdom of God?

    Yet God is merciful and if you fail one test He will give you another test to prove your love for Him.. No saint passed everytime (except for Saint Mary maybe)

    Or does God never let anyone fail who studies hard enough and wisely enough?

    But even still from this grade mazza should continue studying hard.. because if she got this grade from studying hard.. she should fear getting worse if she studys any less...
    So next time if she studys not harder or less than before she might get a very high grade..
    So God can use this for good too?

    I hope I make some sense.. I am not working very hard I think so maybe I should not speak.. Pray for me too..

  • thanks guys for ur inputs

    yes i did feel that it was a trial from god and i can honestly say i failed :-\ but i know i did study, i just did sily mistakes that cost me marks here and there lol
    but yea i think next time il be much wiser----ive learnt my lesson ;)
  • This is the way of life. It is a lot more easier to believe someone got a bad grade because he or she did not study enough than to think the teacher just didn't like the student, or didn't liek something about them. It is not in the nature of teachers. Jesus Christ was our teacher, and a pure one. If Jesus is to be the ideal teacher, then we can assume all teachers attempt to be the ideal teacher to the best of their ability. They can make mistakes. It is, however, very wrong to think that a teacher will make a mistake before a right thing. It is hard to explain, but it is the best i can do.
  • u should be grateful what God gave u all of these years

    its only one test

    Maybe ur friends cheated or something NOT sayingthatthey r

    study harder next time

  • Never be upset with God. Even if you study you hardest and dont do well, this is a test from God. If you thank God for everthing instead of ask him for anything you will be rewarded greatly. As the bible says the Lord knows what you need before you even ask it. So thank God, you may not do well on a few tests, but you will be successful in what your trying to be. Some people do amazing in school but even when there finished school they might not find a job. Remember, do your best, and God will do the rest. And he will test you on the way. Each test you pass strengthens your faith and you become closer to God. And that is the main goal of life.
  • Shoofy ya mazza, 7a2ollek 3ala 7aga, like how why said, learn from Job when the temptation began, do you know first how long was that temptation for? it was for 10 years, can you imagine lol? 10 whole years, but what did job tell his wife when she told him "Curse God and Die" he said in arabic "el khayer men elrab nakbal we shar la nakbal" so basically he was saying "do we accept the good from the lord and the bad we don't accept". Lol God does every single thing on earth for a reason, and i'm sure that its better for you. What happened with you happened with me exactly in the same way, not only once, but heaps of times, and I found that god done it for a reason and that it was much better for me that god did that. Lol where is your faith mazza, be strong keda, yalla god be with you

  • OMG u kno what i hateeeee when i study for a test and i get not such a great grade and then my parents blame it on me and like i studied hard and i tried my best and nooo still get yelled at lol what would u guyzz do?
  • i didnt read all posts but.... i know how you currently very depressed and upset w/ GOD....donty tell me its wrong...i know its not...its human emotion...being angry is natural ...even w/ GOD....but dont curse GOd or anything...or ull be in fer a rude awakeining! WE all get angry even w/ GOD its tru...wether over something minor or major doesnt matter...its a feeling!!and it happens!!!!!!! i know the feeling of working hard and still failing ....its made me come to decesion thtat it doenst matter if i try or not...cuz fer some reason..i almost always fail....and when u fail that much...there isnt much inspiration left!! but dont get me wrong..i thank GOD like crazy when i do achieve something...cuz i know it was all thru him...i dont think im making sense starting to confuse myself again!
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