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Hey does anyone know how to get the coptic font on my computer because i dowlnoaded it at least five times and is't still doesn't work. Some one i know told me i have to change the settings but i don't know how. Can anyone help.
Thank you and God bless


  • there is some place on tasbeha where u can dwnlod this font from, but i didnt need to change settings, any1?
  • Yah. I downloaded it from this site and multiple other sites and it still doesn't work.

    Can Anyone esle help . PLease???

    Thank You
  • umm i ahve it, but i dont know how to give it to you. sorry. if you have any ideas about how i can give it to you tell me and ill try

    love lots,
  • also have the steps, but i dont know they are old. tell me if u still want them

    love lots,
  • Yes Please i'll try anything
    Thank you
  • Ok I think this might help. Do you have wordpad or microsoft word or anything of the sort? If you do, all you have to do is change the font. For example, intead of Ariel (I believe that is the default), change it and make it Avva Shenouda. I hope that works, it does on my computer.
  • Thanks i will try
  • that shuold work

    ive done that
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