• i did something to get a HIGH FIVE for ??? ??? ???
    ok sure if you say so defender thanks man
  • that's not what I meant, I meant : u said high five to you yet it's called high five FOR you, but who cares..

    High Five for YOU, WASIM!

    Epsaltos Michael
  • i'm confused :o
  • Ok, Let me rephrase that: Wasim said: High Five TO you, but it's actually called HighFive FOR you,

    u get it?

    Epsaltos Michael
  • no.. but hey why are you fighting? You have to realize that once you are ordained, you are in the spotlight. Don't let anyone say that your ordination was a mistake. When you accept that responsibility, you are carrying the image of the Church, don't do stupid things so other people will say negative things about the Church. This kind of behavior is not appropriate.

  • hahhahahahha
    i dont think mike (defender) meant anything by what he said...
  • I was talking about another post SMS, i think Michael deleted it.
  • Hey Mike,

    Well, it was just for fun, and I tried stopping it but he just went on so I had to fight back. In the end I said "Ok, buddy stop this nonesens, I'm an idiot and I'm weaker than you but stop, your gonna kill yourself", So I was actually trying my best Michael.

    As for my best friend, well, he is Ok, I'm suffering from terrible pain in my neck because when I tries stopping the fight and not fighting back he had a headlock on me for a couple of minutes and now all of my muscles are aching in my neck plus I can't eat nor talk. IT HURTS! So I guess, I had to fight back, but I should've give up and made him feel good, coz every time I fight back, he's under my control, and I threaten him, not beat him, but threaten him, so that he would stop.

    But then he didn't...

    Anyways, I will confess to Abouna, and I already called my friend a hundred times to apologize and he assured me he forgave me.

    What really made me feel guilty was that I was just promoted by the Holy Spirit not just that but also we both took the Body and Blood of Christ that day, so it was like the Body of Christ fighting each other.

    Epsaltos Michael
  • Hope everything works out for you.

  • You should always avoid fighting at all costs. However, if somebody is about to hurt you or if they aleady have you in a head lock then “no more Mr. nice guy”; do what you have to do. There is nothing wrong with defending yourself defender. Haha, I crack myself up.
  • Hahaha, nicely put, but if you can, try to be sly to work your way out of the problem. My FOC is always telling me to use different methods to get out of tough situations.

  • umm how did we get on this topic
    i thought we were talking about cheating
    u guys are confusing me
    plz start a new thread for fighting if u want
    thanx luv u guys
  • Well, I guess in some way, both topics relate to

  • hmmm... interesting concept do explain
  • Well, you could always bring up how you shouldn't (or maybe SHOULD) cheat in a jk.

  • OR you can say by fighting you are cheating on God love to us
    hmmm.. doesn't make much sense does it?
  • lol. If I had to choose, I'd say Wasim is the closest to a concept. But then again, you'd probably have to be a theologist to be able to come up with a concept reconciling fighting, cheating and God. lol.

    Mike Thoma...where are you? Didn't you take a theology class? lol

    - Chris
  • Yea it does, if you really think about it. And anyway, God doesn't say that we shouldn't defend ourselves, does he?

  • theologist?? i think i am as far as possible from being a theologist.

    Yes He does say defend yourself
  • Well, think about it. If we are to be Christ-like, we shouldn't fight nor retaliate. He took the shame of spitting and slapping and whipping, and He could've destroted every last one of them, but didn't.

    I'm ashamed to say though, if the above is the case, I'm not too good at being Christ-like. I need lots of work.

    - Chris
  • but again keep in mind if Christ have destroyed the people who spit on Him or never let it happen they wouldn't have gone through with crossing Him thus Chrisitianity never begining because really it began after resurrection and the Asention of the Holy Spirit (plz excuse my sleeping)
  • That's true Wasim. But then if you think about, why did He call the Jews a wicked generation, but if it wasn't for them, Christ wouldn't have been lifted up.

    - Chris
  • hey there is a misunderstanding here for the word generation becuase He didn't just mean the generation that lived during His time because the space of time to God is TOTALLY different from our space of time
    Remember that God said that the end of the earth is going to happen during this generation and till this moment it didn't happen a good prove we are still here right now
    so by the Jewish generation He might have meant jews all over the time till His time and if you read the old testemant you will see they did A LOT of bad things
    Hope that helps a bit
  • Oh yea, I didn't have a misunderstanding. Generation as in all of them was what I was talking about.

    - Chris
  • oh ok my bad :D
  • lol. no one's fault.
    lol. God still loves us. ;D

    - Chris

    Soooooo....back to cheating and fighting then......
  • [quote author=Banoub link=board=1;threadid=345;start=45#msg4687 date=1088131657]
    lol. no one's fault.
    lol. God still loves us. ;D

    - Chris

    Soooooo....back to cheating and fighting then......

    Thank you FATHER CHRIS ;D ;)
  • lol. All I can say is lol. ;D
  • Wow, ok. lol. But Banoub brought up a good point. If it weren't for the Jews, Jesus could've never died for us. There was a point behind it all.

  • Its incorrect to say "if it wasn't for the Jews..." If it wasn't for OURSELVES... Christ didn't die because of the Jews alone, He died because of US. God is outside of time and space, therefore our fighting, cheating, sinning, if not in the past or future for Him. When we sin, we offend God always. Christ was crucified by the sins of you and me, as well as the Romans and Jews of the past.
    Also, Jesus DID fight back, His resurrection DESTROYED death and made it into a gateway to Heaven. Therefore, we can and should defend ourselves. BUT, rolling on the floor like a couple of children is not the same as defending yourself. If either one of you stop messing around, the other will stop also. Don't equate petty fistfighting to Christ's fight for our Souls.
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