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Hey everybody. Recently discovered these forums and have been eagerly reading around on various topics that I've found interesting. I decided I'd register as a user incase I ever saw something I'd be able to help with :)

In the extremely near future I intend to convert to Coptic Orthodox Christianity [Get baptised etc] and plan on reguarly attending church as much as I can. However, at the present point in time I currently do not attend church and am baptised as Anglican. The reason I don't attend church is because I was raised in a pretty much atheist family, or rather by my father who firmly disbelieves in God, and although I've always believed in God, I've only come to fully realise God and the Coptic Orthodox Church as the truth :). If you have anything you need of me, don't be afraid to ask, and I look forward to conversing with you all more in the futures.

Peace and Blessings,


  • Welcome to the forum,

    We hope you have a blessed and beneficial stay here; if you require any assisstance with anything, please do not hesitate to ask.

    + Peace and Grace
  • Dear WMA,

    I too am a convert to Orthodoxy, but from Roman Catholicism instead of from Anglicanism. I discern from the fact you use the term "Anglican" instead of "Episcopalian" and that you spell "realise" with an "s", that you are from some part of the Empire, if not from the UK itself. Years ago I was in correspondence with an English Anglican priest who was a close sympathizer with the Coptic Church and who was at that time trying to broker a deal to get quite a few High Church clergy into the Church of Alexandria. Political mistakes on the Coptic side, unfortunately, obviated this possibility.

    My advice to you, nevertheless, is to venture forth and to begin attending Coptic liturgies. The greatest barrier that I as a non-Copt have found is the ever-present problem of culture shock. Too many Copts in the "diaspora" think that the purpose of attending church is to get a chance to go to "little Egypt" once a week. What many fail to recognize is that we converts are generally a spiritually hungry lot. We don't mind schmoozing over tea and felafel after liturgy, but we really need "discipling". We need someone who speaks our language and who can help us enter into the fullness of the Church's spiritual life.

    Another problem I've found is the fact that everyone born in my generation is from Egypt and are usually afraid to talk to me lest they make some grammatical or pronunciation error while speaking with me. The people who are relaxed enough to chat in English are generationally removed from me and find it difficult to talk to an old man about spiritual matters.

    In fact, as I have added tid-bits around this particular site, I have come to see myself as someone who is quite the "five-hundred-pound gorilla" in the room. These kids seem afraid to respond to things I write. Maybe they see me as grandpa in the play-pen.

    Well, despite all this seemingly negative stuff, I can also say that the mysticism of the Orthodox, both Eastern and Oriental, still holds my heart. I can feel that I am standing in the presence of the living God when I attend Eucharist in the Coptic Church. I lost this sense in the Catholic Church long ago. Whatever other problems I encounter, I have decided to stick it out till the end, that is, either my death or the return of the King. I suppose this makes me a "Copt by adoption."

    Yours in Christ,

  • Welcome WMA great to have you here and in the coptic church as well.

    Forgive me quisutdeus but I am in need to respond to your comments. Well I am a teenager who was born and raised in Egypt, and if someone was to come to my church here (and in fact they do) I wouldn't be one of the people to step out to help them whether they are old or young. It's not at all about your age, whatever it is, it's about us being shy or scared to make a mistake when talking to you....english or even religion wise. In my church, there is certain people who are specialized in that kind of help. They were born here from Egyptain parents, but were raised in the Coptic church, and have knowledge of the church and of course English is their first language.
    I myself don't think that converts are in church are there for the reason to visit Egypt, unless you have been told that by someone, I don't think that is correct. Our schock is that you are an american/european or whatever your nationality is among hundreds of Egyptains, but of course you are still welcome there, but that's our schock then and that's something we can't change.

    These kids seem afraid to respond to things I write. Maybe they see me as grandpa in the play-pen.

    Again it's not your age, it's our knowledge, few people on here are capable of giving the right answer to the right question adressed. Most people on this site are teenagers are still learning the right from the wrong. So their capacity of knowledge aren't developed yet to comment or answer your question. That of course includes me, but I wanted to respond to your comment and explain that a little more since I face the same kind of responses from people.
  • i have something to add i was born a copt part egyptian and part something else. however The Coptic church is excellent and i love it, however the congregation amazes me. SO quick to judge then they pull the religous stint. due to my skin color i was always treated like an outcast and ppl seperated themself from me (im not black). Btwn misguided kids who think there thugs, and young ladies think its american idol, and every other deacon wants a solo on the mic. I just couldnt take it anymore so I seperated myself from the church. SO i just had to say to u Marianne and Im only 20 so im no grandpa....and I speak arabic soooo the egys tend to stick to their own...

    however The Coptic Church is very rich, and if you have good church in your area i am sure you can benefit much from it...However ppl can make your unity btwn Christ difficult so I dont go any more cuz i sin more in church than out cuz i just get overwhelmed w anger.

    and thats the truth

  • SO i just had to say to u Marianne and Im only 20 so im no grandpa....and I speak arabic soooo the egys tend to stick to their own...

    We are immigrants in a foregin country...don't you think it's natural for us to stick with our own.
  • Yes, it is natural to stick to your own. It is supernatural to love a stranger.
  • Who says we don't love strangers ???..I don't think anyone who isn't Egyptain has the right to label us something that they don't know.
    I saw both cultures..I lived in both...and Egyptains are far more loving and caring then in America or Europe...
  • Now I see that you don't really understand my criticism. Lashing out defensively is a sign of deep hurt, so I apologize if you misunderstand me. I in fact agree with your assessment of Egyptians versus Americans, but you perhaps don't know how lonely it is to be a non-Egyptian in a Coptic church. Guess what. Clannishness is awful whether you're giving it or receiving it.
  • You know, Marianne87, you have in fact proven the point I was trying to make with WMA. I really don't belong in this forum. Thanks for making that abundantly clear. I'll look for a site where mature people want to discuss issues more appropriate to my situation.
  • im not gonna argue. just remember that you may be a immigrant but many fought bravely for your freedom to worship in america, and you came to america cuz u were clanned in egypt by muslims....I am a Marine just so you know im serving my 5th tour that is 35 months total i have been iraq and when i come home i get treated like an exile. so yes you maybe a immigrant but we welcomed you here as you should welcome other

    i in no means am trying hurt anyones feeling and by using the word you i mean the groups not singling out a single person
  • Hello, WELCOME WMA, glad to have you here, and glad to hear you want to convert to Coptic Orthodox Christianity, and that you believe in God, feel free to ask any questions about Coptic Christianity, and hopefully one of us members will be glad to help you!

    Coptic Servent
  • welcome WMA, i hope oyu are enjoying your time on this site!

  • Welcome WMA, I hope you enjoy this site as much as you possibly can. I hope that you will post your opinions to tell us know. Thanks for the offer and I will ask you if I need anything. I hope you have A WONDERFUL time and experience on It's a really cool site. Check out the videos, and the songs. Feel free to contact me if you need help. Good luck and ENJOY!!!!!!

    love lots,
  • Dear quisutdeus

    I certainly sympathise with your struggles as a non-Egyptian convert in the Coptic Church; this is a problem many converts have in both the Oriental and Eastern Orthodox Churches, which is why I am personally an advocate of the establishment of missionary convert Churches, such as the British Orthodox Church. Those who convert to the Coptic Church, are just as Coptic Orthodox as the cradle-born, if not even moreso. Please do not be discouraged by any negative personal experiences; the Church needs people like you. Cradle-borns can always learn a little something from the converts, and vice versa.

    However, I am really baffled as to your reaction to Marriane's posts, for it seems that she is merely relating her own personal experience and perspective on the matter. I am saddened by the fact you have decided to leave this forum, for we are in dire need of paritcipants such as yourself, who have diligently studied the faith and have useful contributions to make.

    Often at times, discussions here can get heated and personal, and may poke at sensitive issues; such is the nature of internet forums. Please do not allow this to affect your stay here. I hope you have a change of mind and heart on the matter of your participance in this forum.

    +irini nem ehmot
  • Dear Iqbal,

    Thanks for understanding, at least in part. Right now I'm stuck teaching in a hick university in Eastern Kentucky where most prople look upon themselves as "good Christians." The fact that they are also stone racists quite escapes them. Every time I have pointed out to the school authorities here the fact that my children experience relentless attacks because their mother is Japanese, the principal, guidance counselor, et al. gasp, "What racism? In our schools?"

    I was in fact advising one young girl in another part of this forum to take her parents with her to stop a bully who is always putting her down for being Egyptian. The fact is, however, that bias and prejudice against the "other" is a human problem. I got upset with Marianne87's response to my complaint about the way Copts treat non-Egyptians in Church because to me her words were just so much denial--just like everybody else's. She in fact reveals her bias against non-Egyptians by saying, "Our schock is that you are an american/european or whatever your nationality is among hundreds of Egyptains, but of course you are still welcome there, but that's our schock then and that's something we can't change" and later, "I don't think anyone who isn't Egyptain has the right to label us something that they don't know. I saw both cultures..I lived in both...and Egyptains are far more loving and caring then in America or Europe...". Maybe I'm disappointed because I still romantically hope for better from Orthodox people. But we still just sinners.

    By the way, the incident I first mentioned above to WMA about how the Coptic Church drove away hundreds of Anglican converts has everything to do with the so-called "British Coptic Church." Pope Shenouda was talked into accepting these heretics into the Church without looking deeply enough into their own teachings that they were making the Copts Orthodox, not vice versa. The Anglican priest I referred to was absolutely schandalized. This is an issue I shall never forget. So, I would really prefer not to hang out with "converts" who are not truly Orthodox. I would much prefer xenophobes to that.

    The last point is that I am too old. Not only am I apt to write things the naive may find shocking, I'm not getting enough stuff that I need here. I feel you are qualified enough to step in and straighten out these kids when they need it. But thank you very much for your concern.

  • Welcome back quisutdeus..I didn't read this post until now and I apologize for my comments. I think you just misunderstood me because I was just saying my experience and try to justify why people might be acting that way with you or with any other Americans converts. I know I have no right to justify something that is again I apologize for my ignorance and for being so bias against you.
  • ohhhhhhhhhhhhh u guys are so welcome!!!!!!

    woot woot!! 8)
  • Dear all,

    No, I was merely busy; I was not ignoring you at all. Thank you, Marianne87, for your kind response. I want you to know that my negative feelings about the way people in the Church treat non-Egyptians are not directed to you personally.

    But my question to all of you is this: "If the Coptic Church is the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, then why isn't She taking Herself seriously as an evangelizing force in the West, where faith has almost disappeared?"

    Yours in IHC XPC,

  • Thanks for your response and I think I understand the way of treatement now. About your question, I know the church isn't doing much of evangel work anywhere which is something that us coptics should start to address in our church and in our culture. That's something that my abouna is starting to do it now by building a monastery that will work in both areas the solitary and the evangelic part of the religion. In his sermon yesterday, he said that we will all be responsible for the lost sheep around us...that the coptic church doesn't just consist of us Egyptains...that's why it's spreading across the world...and that's why we need to keep that up and not just concentrate on Coptic immigrants around the world, but it should concentrate more on those around us since we were raised in the church and its it's our role to teach others or when judgement day comes...they will be the one saying no one told us the right faith.
  • welcome lol srry im late in saying so lol bad timing on my part ;D
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