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How would u discride god,(to someone who lost his faith)


  • God is Love, God is merciful, God is kind...He always accepts everyone back into His arms. Even if you think He won't take you back...He WILL! God is our Master, Our Creator, Our Father who is in Heaven. God is our Saviour, who saved us from the bondage of sin. God will make YOUR problems disappear under His Wings and Hold YOU in the Palm of His hands. He is the ALPHA and the OMEGA! ;D
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    I don't think there is anybody in the whole history from now till the beginning of the creation of Adam and Eve by God, that have all the characteristics that a true friend has, except God, he is the only one that is truly the BEST, LOYAL, HEART-WARMING, ALWAYS BY YOUR SIDE, COMFORTING, PEACEFUL, LOVEABLE (for sure), CARING, WILL NEVER GET MAD, NEVER GET JEALOUS, MIRACULOUS, FULL OF ZEAL, WILL NEVER THINK WRONG, INTELLEGENT (VERY), ALWAYS IN A HAPPY AND GIVING MOOD...this could go on for hours, I just gave you 1/4 of what I have in mind about God, he is the only true, best, and will always be your friend no matter what, as everyone said, no one is perfect, besides God, so therefore no one could be your true friend, but can have some of the characteristics not all!

    Coptic Servent

    I hope this helps!

    Coptic Servent
  • God is the best person for us to talk to on earth. He is merciful, and just. He never lets us down. He is always there for us. He is the greatest friend to talk to. He will never be mad at you, unless you hurt him. He will forgive you a thousand times. He will never lose the faith he has in you. Even if you are a sinner, he will let you come back to him. He is the most wonderful thing that happened to us since we wer born. He is one person that we cannot forget. I shouldn't say perosn. He is someone we shuld always look up to becasue HE is our role model. He knows us a lot and he will do anything to help us to come back to him.

    PS. I didn't read the other posts, so I might be repeating.

    love lots,
  • that is a difficult situation cus like its extremely hard to TELL someone wat god is like---they wont understand it, trust me ive bin through the same situation. you must prove to them god through your actions, be kind, be murciful, dont judge, help others--i sound like a hypocrite cus i aint like that lol but u see my point. if they see how wonderful you are, they will respect wat u say more. its a daunting process. so give it time, be patient and pray for them

    but my definition of god would have to be the most compassionate being ive ever known, caring and so loving, more than a friend could ever give you.

    tell ur friend if they are willing to open up 2 god, you will c how accepting he is, as he says: "i celebrate over one soul that was lost that 99,000 that are already saved"---or sumfing like that lol

    hope i helped a bit
    pray 4 me guys ~please!!!
  • God is the most beautiful thing ever known to mankind. He is loving and compassionate. God himself is love. He has loved you with an everlasting love. He has loved to the point he was willing and went through endless pain for you. He is the one, when you look up to as a Father, will show you endless love and mercy. When you desire him as the owner and ruler of your heart and soul, will give you endless heveanly peace.
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