Happy Feast of Pope Kyrillos! =D

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Hey everyone,

I just wanted to wish you all a very Happy and Blessed feast of Pope
Kyrillos VI (March 09). Kol Sana We Entom Tayebeen :)

He's awesome! ;D
Since his feast here, if anyone needs anything, ask for his
intercession, he'll DEFINATELY help out! (Actually he always does,
but now's a good chance to ask!)
And for those of you who've asked him for help before, we all know
how great is he is in coming to our aid!!

Pray for us our beloved Pope Kyrillos.

For those that are interested and can understand arabic, there is an
audio recording of some of the many miracles that Pope Kyrillos did
with some people found on a site. I recommend that you listen to it, you'll definately
see how big his heart was (and still is)...
Just go here: http://st-takla.org/Multimedia/10-Coptic-Saints-Audio-Lives/02-Listen-to-the-Life-of-a-Coptic-Saint-01.html
And click on 'Miracles of Pope Kyrillos'

+Take Care and God Bless+
In need of prayers


  • Many remember this great saint, Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria, the great St. Kyrillos, for his miracles. Many forget that the foundation of spiritual life that he led since his childhood is the basis, and the miracles are just the fruits. Like a palm tree, saints have roots that are many times longer into the soil of spirituality than what appears on the surface. A verse indicates that the righteous man is like a palm tree.

    For me, this great saint is an example of a great Pope. He reformed the Church, led it to a new age without compromising its heritage, got a new generation to lead the Church. Whenever you judge a person, judge from the fruits. Pope Kyrillos's fruits include his immediate disciples, St. Mina Ava Mina, bishop of St. Mina's monastery, Abona Rafael of the same monastery, Ava Metias, bishop of Syrian monastery, and many others.

    All the people and servants who revolutionized the service and went to the small villages and poor places of Egypt, in what is called Khedmat el-karia (village service), were working under his guidance when he was still a poor monk in Masr El-Adimah. Late Abona Saleeb Surial, Abona Youssef Abdoh, Abona Youhana Mansour, Abona Bishoy Kamel, Abona Michael Ibrahim, Abona Gerges El-Gohary and a multitude of prominent firgure who became afterwards bishops. Most remarkebly are Nazir Gaed (H.H. Pope Shenouda), Bishop Domadius of Giza, Late Bishop Youness of Gharbia, Late Bishop Samuel, martyr of the Church, Bishop Basilius of Jerusalem, and the great theologian Late St. Gregorius, and many others.

    He is the first Pope, also not university educated, who brought back the scholarship and research to the Church in the person of many prominent researchers. He sent many scholars abroad for further education, and they led the Church to a new age of scholarship.

    Pope Kyrillos's fruits exceed his own age and vision. He lives forever.

  • its the 9th rit? not the 7th! ::)

  • I am so upset. I really really wanted to go to the liturgy tomorrow at chuch for pope kyrillos. His prayers be with us

  • Yes it is the 9th of March, but HAPPY FEAST, he is a great blessing, I love him so much, and his miracles are outstanding, if you don't mind I would like to share a few of his miracles their are called funnies so if you like the funnies your going to love these!

    1st Miracle-There are these 2 neighbors, 1 christian family and 1 muslim family, and the wife of each family are close friends, so the wife of the christian family told the wife of the muslim family that they are going out of town and would like for the wife of the muslim family to take a picture of Pope Kyrillos and frame it, and they were expecting it back, but the christian family will be out of town, so the christian wife wanted the muslim wife to take the frame from the guy at the store, because they didn't want it to become mixed up with the other framed pictures, so the muslim husband is very strict, and whenever he sees a christian he wants to start an argument about anything, so the wife wanted to hide the picture before her husband comes back from where he was so she had a son who was paralyzed and of course he can't move so she hid the picture under his bed, than at night Pope Kyrillos appeared to her son and told him, "go knock on your parents door and tell them it's not nice to put guests on the floor" lol, so the boy went to his parents bedroom, he walked, even though he was paralyzed before, and knocked on his parents bedroom door, than he came in and he said this guy told me to tell you it's not nice to put the guests on the floor, so the muslim guy kept the picture of Pope Kyrillos in his living room and the picture had never left his house from that time till now, and each one of his friends if they saw that picture they would ask him, who's that, and he would reply that's Pope Kyrillos, he was the one that healed my son!

    2nd Miracle-An old lady and her son live together, they are christians, and when her son would leave for work, the old lady would go shopping, so there were burgulars that waited till the old lady left her home, so they went in, than Pope Kyrillos appeared to them, and then he saw the burgulars than made them sit down on the couch and started hitting them with his stick, lol, the old lady has a picture of Pope Kyrillos in the living room, than the old lady came home saw the burgulars on the couch so she asked what happened, or something like that, don't remember, but the burgulars answered and said, this guy (pointing at the picture of Pope Kyrillos) seated us and hit us with his stick!

    3rd Miracle-An animal like a leopard, I think came up to Pope Kyrillos in his mill, and of course he was alone and it was late at night so the leopard came up to Pope Kyrillos while he was praying, and leopard is looking for some meat to eat, whether it was human or its prey, so Pope Kyrillos did the sign of the cross and then the leopard cuddled up to him, Pope Kyrillos was very very brave, to let a carboviore near him looking for meat, and every morning the leopard would come drink tea with Pope Kyrillos, he would ask him would you like some tea, and he would drink with Pope Kyrillos, and Pope Kyrillos would pour the tea in the 2 cups! May the Blessing of St. Mary, Pope Kyrillos, St. Mina, and all the saints be with us, Amen!

    Coptic Servent
  • WOW those were amazing. I laughed really hard when i read the leoperd one. Thanks

  • happy feast to everyone
  • [quote author=PopeKyrillos link=board=13;threadid=3384;start=0#msg49496 date=1141854264]
    WOW those were amazing. I laughed really hard when i read the leoperd one. Thanks


    No problem, glad you enjoyed them!

    Coptic Servent
  • yeah, they are really nice,

    thanks copticservent
  • [quote author=CopticChica21 link=board=13;threadid=3384;start=0#msg49522 date=1141873227]
    yeah, they are really nice,

    thanks copticservent

    Anytime, glad you enjoyed them!

    Coptic Servent
  • personally, i think we should devote a topic to talking about miracles that saints did that are really famous. do you guys think its a good idea for me to start that?
  • yer it aint bad...go ahead...love to hear what u guys post...
  • I have another miracle done by Pope Kyrillos, this one is AMAZING~
    Miracle-People from around the world came and visited H. H. Pope Kyrillos VI, so he knew who they were and what their names are, so he would say come here kaza...kaza, so you can leave early and don't miss your train, because that was basicly the most common transportation back then, so a guy full of drugs in his pockets, was about to kiss H. H.'s hand, but Pope Kyrillos knew that he had drugs in his pocket, so Pope Kyrillos told him that you can't take a blessing or something relevant to that, before you get rid of what you have in your pocket, so the guy went and gave it to a random guy on the street and then the guy went back in line, so he got to take the blessing from Pope Kyrillos, but I think it was the next day and the police came to the guy's house, they were searching for drugs by the way, but he didn't have any in his house, because remember he gave the drugs to the random guy on the street, so really Pope Kyrillos saved him from being caught red-handed! If you have any difficulties make sure to ask your intercessioner or even Pope Kyrillos for prayers, because Pope Kyrillos is called the Man of Prayers!

    Coptic Servent
  • I knoww, this topic was made in 2006, lol, but today it's the feast of Pope Kyrilos Vl Again!  :D

    So kolla sana2 wento taybeeeen, and may the interccesion of Pope Kyrilos be with us. Shefa3to tekoon m3ana ++
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