Agpeya V. Bible ????? PLZ HELP !!

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Hey guys i had a question for you . I dont really like praying from the agpeya that much, i just dont feel the words i just read it ! Why do we have to read the agpeya if it is just parts of the Bible ???????? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? And why cant we like just pray from the heart and not AGPEYA ?????????? My dad attempted to explain a few times but i only pretended to understand! :-[ And i dont have a FOC to ask . So i was just wondering if nay one has an anwser to this 8) ::)

Much Luvz




  • some one ask HH that Q before, gess what he said,

    "if YOU can pray like the prayers that are in the Agpeya, than do so?"
    he himself uses the Agpeya to pray and he is HH (not to glorify him or anything but...)

    1st, who can make up Psalms,
    2nd who can put them in order to mack the 7 day hours we have now.
    3rd, it was given by the apostles and they got it from an angel. (i don't remeber the exact verse)

    and copticcross3,
    ur only 12 (not to say anything bad) ur still young to may be start not praying in the Agbeya. and u shouldn't just read the agpeya (not like in church during 3 6 and 9 hour) u should understand what are u reading.
  • Hey copticcross3,

    The problem i noticed with your comment was that you dont have a FOC... get one! I'm not sure which church you go to or if you have access to a priest or not, but a FOC is the greatest source of knowledge and comfort... i would humbly suggest you try to find a priest that you can talk to.... they're great listeners and full of advice and can definately answer any question that pops into your mind...

    Here's the response i heard about your question (i asked about it too)...
    The prayers in the agpeya are words that saints prayed with their hearts and brought together on paper in order to share with us...
    Who here can pray like the saints? If they used these words... i think its a great opportunity for us to learn from them and use those words too.

    The prayers in the Agpeya are prayers from the heart, and shouldn't be recited as words but as feelings.... its hard to do so if we just saying what we see written down... but if we really think about the words, then we'll realize the agpeya is actually saying what we ourselves want to say...

    As well, these prayers help us recollect our thoughts and words when we're trying to pray on our own... and they almost set up a "template" or "pattern" for us to follow.... what is meant by that is... the Agpeya teaches us to do the thanksgiving prayer first, then psalm 50 (have mercy) then litanies of the hour, then a concluding prayer..... when we pray using our own words we can use the same format.... as in... thank God first, then ask for His mercy, then bring to Him our requests... then conclude....

    So really, the Agpeya is really a great source of words to use when praying...

    Of course, after we pray the Agpeya, we're encouraged to say our own prayer in the end to bring our personal requests before God (ie: help with school, a specific sin we're struggling with, praying for someone in specific, etc)...

    Sorry about the long reply, i hope it somewhat clears things up

    If i said somthing wrong, ppl feel free to correct me

    Take Care & God Bless
  • also my abouna told me it's really important that when u first start to pray from the agpya daily don't start with praying the whole lot of psalms cos that will make you bored and u might even stop praying...(that's what i did)

    so my FOC like told me to start with praying 1 psalm and the gospel, parts... then increase the no of psalms when u feel u hv memorized the psalm!!!

    i think it's a great idea cos u get to memorize em all in a not very long period of time and without any problems.

  • [glow=red,2,300]i think that we read from there because the bible is all stories and we are learning about God more. When we pray we are asking God for things and praising him throughout the prayer. When we read the psalms, the thanksgiving prayer, and the 50th pslam, we are praising God. Then at the end, we get to read out own words. To me its like a mini liturgy in a way. Also, we ask God for the compassion he can give us on our souls. If you try really hard, I know that you can understand the meaning of the words and the true meaning if you just ask God, as well. I prayed and kept trying and now I can pray with all my heart and I am never bored. In fact, I completely look forward to it and enjoy it.[/glow]
  • Thnx guys !!!!!! Here let me like explain the situation a bit better, my church just got built maybe like 2 yrs ago it can only hold a small amount of people and we dont have steady priest. abouna John comesfrom California for a youth meeting /hymn lesson that i cant go to cuz no one can take me and then sayedena,Bishob Discourous comes to do mass. I usually go like every 2 weeks maybe. So bottom point is i go to church just about evry 2 weeks and then to Sunday skol 4 like 1/2 an hour. :-\ And heres how i currently pray :
    1)read the intro
    2)read a psalm from the hour im readin
    4)All the stuf after the gospel
    5)And then i say a little prayer, but like i pray in my head like @ skol and whenever i have a minute ,but i make up my prayer
    I cant understand what i it really dread and oesnt count as prayer when u just read words. Oh an we usually pray as a family so everyone reads aloud. :-\

    I will def. try to pay attention more and understand what i read


    God Blless :D
  • As in the Liturgy, every word in the Agbeya comes from the Bible. What can be better than praying using God's words, the words which he wrote. You can pray a personal prayer for as long as you want, but the Agbeya prayers are so different. They sum up everything I could ever want or think to want to say.

    Ummm, I know that is really isn't my business, but I agree with Crazy Copt. I know that you do not have a steady priest yet, but that doesn't change the fact that a priest is a great source of information. Are there any other churches/priests in the area?
  • No Problem!!!!!! ;) My church is the only one in Nevada....i think at least i know its the only one in all of Las vegas and all the neighboring cities,but sometimes we go to the monestary like 2 1/2 hour drive. I guess ur right, but can u truthfully say u understand what u read???? ??? I def. cant, and well sometimes i dont enjoy reading it :-[ But thanx for the info, i would talk to the priest but I am scared of him ,dont know him and i have never confessed ! :( Talk 2 u l8er

    Mary !
    [glow=red,2,300] MAY GOD BLESS 8)[/glow]
  • How long, on average, does it take you guys to read 1 "hour" from the agpeya?
  • Hmmm well for me it depends. If I really feel like praying from it, it takes me 20-30 minutes. If I am tired however, it takes me around 15 minutes.
  • [quote author=Christ4Life link=board=10;threadid=3383;start=0#msg49581 date=1141947322]
    Hmmm well for me it depends. If I really feel like praying from it, it takes me 20-30 minutes. If I am tired however, it takes me around 15 minutes.

  • Can I ask why you wanted to know?
  • [quote author=Christ4Life link=board=10;threadid=3383;start=0#msg49639 date=1142022501]
    Can I ask why you wanted to know?

    R U talkin to me ?????? and if so why i asked the Q ?


    God Bless
  • no, i meant Orthodox11
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