Is there...

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..... anyone here who can listen to arabic very well and is willing to help me check the accuracy of a translation of some piece,which is a three minute video, from Arabic to English. I would appreciate if someone helps me out!

If anybody is ready to assist me, please let me know? and I will send you the link through PM.

Thanks in advance and GBU!


  • i can speak arabic very well. i am willing to help you if i can.
  • ya same here ask me if you need help.
  • me too. i can understand it, but i might be wrong on some grammatical errors. :P
  • Sorry you guys, I just noticed it. You know, I got the help I needed rightaway, so I stopped paying attention to this thread.


    Please pray for me? and GBU!
  • ok , help is here , born and raised back in the mother land , have perfect arabic , read and wrights , always want to help ..... it me am sooo full of my self
    god forgive me and be with us all
  • newbie, just letting you know that he canceled it becuase he got the help he needed. it's the post right before urs.

    love lots,
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