• wow !! :o nice! keep em' coming guys!
  • hey guys...where can you get those picture from?? :'(
  • [quote author=sandrahanna link=board=4;threadid=336;start=1380#msg27551 date=1118111709]
    hey guys...where can you get those picture from??

    Such Destination generally called the Internet or 'net' for short. Using a Web Server such as Internet Explorer or Mozzilla Firefox and Typing in a Website adress. To get deeper, such devices called Search Engines may be able to find them for you when you enter a query.
    If not, well, thats where I get 'em from!
  • lol sherry she wants a specific site lol

    WOW :o :o :oprincessmary ur pics keep gettin better lol :D good work ;)

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  • hey guys...where can you get those picture from??

    sandra, i get my pics from many different websites, and some pics i make using macromedia fireworks ( used to combine pictures), like the 1 i posted called jesus loves the world, and purple jesus..
  • i will try to make one!
  • PrincessMary, Great Pictures and please keep up the beautiful pictures.

    Here’s an interesting fact that I would like to share with you guys. All the Orthodox pictures will have Christ with ONE finger (index) up representing that He was one nature. However, like the picture above shows Christ having TWO fingers up (index and middle), which means that this picture is not an Orthodox picture and most likely Catholic because they believe that Christ had two natures.

    So just remember if One finger (the index) is up then that means its an Orthodox picture.

    In his name
  • thanks joyisgod :), ya i think it is a catholic pic
    sandra u have to get the program first do u have fireworks?
  • wow...intersting fact...thnx Joyis God
    wut else are characteristics of an orthodox pictures if any one knw ?
  • kooool thanx joyisgood yar if nay1 noes can u plz post up thnx

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    p.s. u made some of those pcs princessmary? thats sooo awesome keep it up ;)
  • Hey guys,

    Here's some more stuff since your intersted:

    The Characteristics of Coptic iconization follow certain symbolism that carries a meaningful message, though many of these attributes may be found in icons outside of the Coptic Church. Some of these characteristics are:

    Large and wide eyes symbolize the spiritual eye that look beyond the material world. The Bible says "the light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be simple, thy whole body shall be full of light" [Matthew 6:22].

    Large ears listen to the word of God. The Bible says "if any man have ears to hear, let them hear" [Mark 4:23].

    Gentle lips to glorify and praise the Lord, for the Bible says "My mouth shall praise thee with joyful lips" [Psalm 63:5].

    Small mouths, so that they cannot be the source of empty or harmful words.

    Small noses, because the nose is sometimes seen as sensual.

    Large heads, which imply that the figure is devoted to contemplation and prayer.

    Hope that Helps.

    In his name
  • :o :o :o :o :o wow thats gr8 stuff joyisgood thanx aloot GBU

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  • nice facts! :o :o :o :o :o
  • what do u think of this pic?
    i like it a lot ;)
  • wooooow that is sooooo nyc :o did u make that?
  • yea trust me u wont find it on any website :) (plus i didnt do a very good job if u look closely i didnt erase very well the saint mary light (by her hands) so it doesnt look so straight on the right ;D
  • lol get over it lyk any1 is gonna stare at it to find mistakes lol its such an awesome pic ;D :D good stuff
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