Taking a Stand

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Hey everyone...

I have a project for my history class. I have to do a presentation on someone who took a stand in history, and I was thinking of doing it on someone in the church. If anyone has ideas, I'd appreciate it if you shared it with me. Thank you!


  • I think that Aaint Athanasius took a fairly big stand in history. If it wasn't for him the church would have been full of heretic ideas, God forbid. Really, everybody of the church took a big stand in history. If you study each of their lives individually you will realize that they all had huge roles in history. I hope you succeed on your assignment. May the Lord be with you in all good which you do.

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    Believer in God
  • St. Athanasius... definitely! ;D
  • I agree with Saint Athanasius, he was an incredible role model, and hearing his story for the first time, in Sunday School, I was very impressed on how he got away from the people, and they wanted to attack him, but he said these few words, and they did not recognize him, because his beard got longer, I don't remember what he exactly he said though, but Moses also took a great stand for the isrealites, he helped them flee out of the country of egypt, because they were being slaves to the Egyptian pharohs!

    Coptic Servent
  • oh his story is too big 'a bit hard' too when detailing about the heretics and why what when...oh God be with you it'll be of a great deal if u did it and send us a copy tooo ;)
  • That would be really awesome writing a paper on a saint. It would be so much funner if we could come back home from school and do an essay on a saint. LOL
    Anyways, well You could do St. Antonious because he invented the whole Monasticism and the life of a monk. I think he would be good cuz like many people know monks and all but don't know how it started. But it's also sad because now people are making up rumors about who thought of monasticsm. I hope you do good and gbu!

  • hmmm... Saint Athanasius.... I would need a primary resource though... maybe the Creed?
  • The Orthodox Creed would be a great primary resource.

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  • what do you mean by primary source?

  • A primary source is a first degree source. That would be something like a letter, a diary, a picture, ect.. But how would the creed explain what happened?
  • But it would have to be a primary resource... are you sure??
  • there's might be minutes available of the Council of Nicea,
    that would be considered a primairy source of things that were actually said during the council...just a thought here, but i have no clue where to find this though.
  • Is it true that St. Athanasius wrote his book on the Incarnation when he was only 16 years old? I think I heard it when I was talking to one of the servants at my church. Anyway, if it is true, WOW!
  • Wow... thank you guys for all your help... If anyone has anything else, I'll gladly accept. ;D
  • so, did u finish it? i'd like to have a look if u don mind :D
  • Sorry to disappoint you, but I never did the project...
  • No reason to be sorry... ;D
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