Hey guys i just wanted to know how many hours of tv u watch per day. I also wanted u to think about this if you watch 1 hour of  tv per day u watch 365 hours of tv a year !!!!!!! i need help I watch tttttttttttttttttttooooooooooooooooooooo much tv and i can never get away from it.  I deenietly watch more then 2 hours per day when i could be lots of other rhings
God bless


  • Hey i don't wach that much much tv but i used to wach more than 2 hours a day too until my parents started limiting me to tv only on the weekends so now i only wach 3 or 4 hours of tv a week. So yes i know how it feels to watch tv at large amounts. When something becomes addicting for me i always read a book by Pope Shenouda they make feel that the world is not important and trust me you will not wach tv after you read those books. Another teqnique i find useful is to turn on some Alhan it makes you also feel like you don't want to wach tv. I hope that helps
    may god be with all of us.
  • First of all welcome to the website, I am also new!Thank u ill try that! Is there a certain book by pope shenodu that u would recomend.? My parents always try to stop me from watching tv and get mad when i do ! It is just so hard and we don't even have cable just locol t.v my parents say one more chanel and i might be glued to the idiot box! LOL. I sometimes listen to allhan but they are my parents' and are arabic so i dont get much from them i just like the beat i don't have any english allhan. I hate being addicted  its not like i enjoy it! May god help us all.

    God bless
  • Right now I don't watch much t.v., maybe an hour or two a week... Usually I'm either online or at church or out with my mom or a friend or something...

    Make yourself feel guilty about watching it. For example, lets say you were debating whether to go to church or not. You think about what you would do if you did and what you would do if you didn't. If you did, you would be benefitting God. If you didn't, you would be doing something else which cannot compare with church.

    Try to do the same thing with watching tv. Say to yourself, right now I could be reading the Bible. Right now I could be listening to alhan. Right now I could be at church. Right now I could be reading a spiritual book. The list goes on forever.
  • There aren't any books i reccomend but i do recomend this site filled with books written by the Pope
    I would tell you many links filled with spiritual songs in english but i am sooo sorry i have to go to bed i will do it tomorow or else my parents will yell at me.
    I hope that website helps.

  • im a tv-holic lol

    i looooooove tv, cant live without it
    even though my foc always yells at me cus hes like, its the devil, the tv is the devils face and the two antenas are the devils horns-pretty scary when u think of it but yea
  • Thank u guys u r really helping me out. I am also a tvholiv LOL Ne ways the problem is more of that i don't have much to do sometimes when i am done with my homework all i do is watch t.v.
    My church just got  built maybe ayear or two before that so we dont even have asteady preist. abouna john or abouna Bishoy  of cali sometimes fly in to do mass otherwise anba discorus does it. either way there is only church on Sunday and theen a short half hour of sunday skool,  and church is about i hour/18 miles away. EEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKkk so once a month when they have a youth meeting u can't go my parents are working. so i wish i had allhan i would defenitly chose it  over tv ! I will check out that website. My mom was yelling @ me yesterday cuz i was on too long and had to go to bed LOL

                                GOD BLESS
    (P.S) i like american idol toooooooooooooooooo
  • I watch about two hours a day, although a little bit ago, I used to watch barely any. I defientely think that TONs of TV is way too bad for the mind.( not offending anyone)
  • There are certian damages to the brain, and the brain starts to function in ways it wouldn't, CopticChica21, your not offending anyone, in fact your saying the truth, if you are too close to the tv or even computer, your eye vision is going to get worse and worse, too much tv will damage your brain, and sometimes even cause certain diseases, watching tv a half-an-hour a day is actually enough, plus it's better for school, so you have more time to spend on homework, than watch tv!

    Coptic Servent
  • Coptic Chica u r not offending anyone and COptic servent u r right my parents are always telling me that!!!!!!! i know that but the problem is that  i dont know how to get awway from it ! In fact  when we used to live n Egypt my parents didnt buy us a tv so i spent about 7 yrs without stupid tv when we came here i became obsessed withit now that i know it i can't live without it! I wouldlove to be able to only watch a half hour of tv if i could. When i watch tv i am usually done with my hw sometimes iam not.

                                   GOD BLESs
  • give me a a day in the holiday eith nothing to do..and shows that i love and enjoy on the tv and i caould watch tv for 6 hrs...

    it has happened before (actually it USUALLY happens in the Holiday)..

    skool days...umm 2hrs....sometimes when i am greedy 3hr...


    so ya...i DO LOVE WATCHING TV...however i have programs that i watch..other than that i wouldnt watch them...also i have a time where i cannot watch after 10 pm...most shows are not fit for a i just keep away from tv after that time!!
  • Actually copticcross3, to help you away from this tv addiction, I really recommend you to do a schedule, it helped me out a lot before, but than again, there are certain things you need to have a look out for, do you watch shows that you know the rating and you still watch them even though, you know there bad, you have to understand that sometimes, there can be shows that are very bad on a channel, but then again there can be shows that you can benefit from, if you know there is something bad on that channel, than flip the channel or shut the television, I have to say that you can probably fit a half an hour everyday, because more than that can take over your homework time or studing time!

    Coptic Servent
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