Why wasnt Aaron the Priest Killed?

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if judgement came immediatly in the old testement, as in people were killed for doinjg any thing wrong, then why was Aaron spared when he made the Golden calf (exodus ch 32) 3000 men fell that day, but he was spared, his sons Nadab and Abihu were even consumed by the fire of God (levit. ch 10) for offering profane fire b4 the Lord, and, Aaron ws left off for making an idol...???


  • i believe, correct me if im wrong, but he was forced to.
    also, he was Mose's brother and God had plans for him. (i think)
  • that doesn't make sense tho...God had plans for him so he spared his life? We're going back into predestination here. any ideas?
  • If we remember, in those days Aaron was the only High priest. The Levites would only inherit the priesthood after that event. When Moses ordered those idolworshippers slaughtered and the Jews to come back to God, the tribe of Levi was the first to stand up for God, therefore they became the Mediators of God to the people. Without Aaron, the priesthood wouldn't continue as it had.

    From Noah (the first man) to a family, from Abraham (tribal cheiftain) to a tribe, from Issac to Israel (nation) from a nation to David (a dynasty), from a dynasty to the world (Jesus).
  • [quote author=Michael_Thoma link=board=1;threadid=326;start=0#msg3367 date=1086902093]
    From Noah (the first man) to a family, from Abraham (tribal cheiftain) to a tribe, from Issac to Israel (nation) from a nation to David (a dynasty), from a dynasty to the world (Jesus).

    Whoa Michael. I love that. That's amazing. We needed someone like you in these forums for a long time!

    God Bless,
    - Chris
  • OK.. what is the worst punishment for a parent? harm to their family... in the old testament specifically, it was to your lineage cuz thennn there goes any chance of the Messiah being of your lineage... which was a big deal back then. So instead of consuming Aaron in the fire, his punishment was the death of his sons. Sure, from our view, we'd see it as a more direct punishment if he's the one who would've died.. but he lived to see his own downfall.. which is worse than death if you think about it.
  • good point mary but his sons died heaps later in leviticus for offerin profane fire to the lord, so werent they killed for that, not as punishment for wat there fathr did??
  • whoever said punishment was here-now?... Old Testament punishments certainly were quite harsh.. but not always instantaneous.. it took noah YEARS to build the ark to get ready for that punishment...
  • i cant win against u can i? ;)
    u bring up another beautiful point, but didnt aaron have another two sons, so it wasnt a full huge punishment, cause the messieh coulda com from them?
  • I am very sad to know that this is how we think about God.. that he is punishing... God does not punish and will never punish he never punished.

    God almighty gives us lessons guide us and show us the correct way if we lose track... God knows what would get our attention to shap up and follow him gladly... therfore he would never punish.

    He is the Alpha and the Omega means he does not chang in the old Testemeant or the New Testment.

    Please have a better idea about God that you wirship. He would never destroy untill we refuse all the methodes he used to get us to know the right way.

    If we take God's action as a punishment ... then this is our problem in translating his mind . Please think about what happens when God is angrey. He always gives us the time and the chance to think and correct ourselves even in the old Testeament.

    Thanks for your patients and I hope you do not dwell on thinking about God this way and please do not teach this to young ones.
    Help them to think properly when things do not go right or when crises happens they need to meditate and see what went wrong from their end and how to make it better and most of all what God is asking them to correct.
  • your absoltely right abc. God is just, kind, and fair. If we start judging his actions, then we are becoming proud. i hope that made sense
  • He doesn't punish like a wrathful God.. i never meant for it to come out like that.. i'm just saying.. Aaron's consequences for his actions... which is by definition in this case.. a punishment.. our God is both Merciful and Just.. apologies if that was misconstrued.
  • I think when God does use force, He is very discerning and does it to build mankind up like the flood was something God did to give mankind another chance after it had become so corupt that hardly anyone had a chance of being saved so it was almost an act of necessity.

    Also I think we need to be careful about how we talk about God in an emotional sense because I'm sure that God doesn't experience anger like we do and just 'lose control' and do something rash. God's work is always very calculated and aimed at furthering good in the world. Even at the times when israel went into exile it is recorded in scripture that God sent profits to correct until there was no alternative. What we can conculde is that israel was so corrupt at that time that all faith in it would have become extinguished if God hadn't acted in that way and there would have been no messiah to come and save us.

    God is petty like us and punished because He gets fed up or wants revenge, His punishment is an act of love because God is love and it is part of His expression of love toward us. St. Paul says this in hebrews when he says don't despise the correction of the Lord for ever son He calls He chastens.

    God bless,

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