Story of The Greatest Love/ Kesat El-Hob

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I was wondering if any of you has the audio for the song in arabic or in english, or just the music of "the story of the greatest love" or "kessat el hob el 3ageeb" besides the arabic one on the tape coptic hymns & spiritual songs by samy farag


  • oh i've never heard of it? ???
  • it sounds familiar...... ???
  • well if u want to listen to the version that i dont like its on this site

    about 14th blue title down "samy farag"
    3rd column
    Kessat El-Hobb
    click the cd icon to download it
  • does any1 have it in english??????????/////



    The story of the greatest love I have seen in Golgotha
    My beloved Jesus on the cross Suffering to save us all
    His loving heart beating in pain His body wounded and slain
    In His eyes I read the story The story of greatest love

    Yesterday He walked among us Lovingly spreading His grace
    Healing our souls and bodies Promising everlasting life
    His love was unprecedented As He loved all the sinners
    That is because He is Jesus who loves without condition

    While His love was invading the world Devilish people kept thinking
    How to get rid of Lord Jesus Whose love endangered their powers
    So to terminate the story The story of precious love
    So to write the last chapter They killed Him, the source of love

    How great is the love of Jesus How precious and wonderful
    He gave us everlasting life He forgave all our sins
    Every bit of love we share is coming from Jesus’ love
    All of the love in this world cannot equal Jesus’ Love

  • btw can some1 tell me where i can find the audio in st mina holmdel? i can't find it!!!!
  • first select the blue tab "SPIRITUAL SONGS"
    Count 14 blue titles down (its about half way scrolling down the page), till u get to "samy farag"
    3rd column (the 1 on your right hand side), 3rd song down
    Kessat El-Hobb
    click the cd icon to download it
  • thnx that was VERY clear :)
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