why do i need church?

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+ For Holy Communion- 1 Cor 11:22-26, we are members of His one body- 1 Cor 10:16

+ Unity of Spirit- we come to worship with our brethren and feel the warmness because it makes you feel strong and happy. 1Cor 11:18, Acts 4:31-32 these verses tell us to act in 1 accord not division. When we pray we should shake the place with our voices into 1 loud voice not coming half dead. Acts 2:1

+ to keep order- 1 Cor 11:16-17 we shouldn’t come to church to be contentious (meaning creating problems) but when we come to church we throw all kinds of evil that’s about people and pray with a pure mind and heart, perfect and real love and joy, unshakable hope. We need all these to pray to God along with our brethren.

1 Cor 14:40 its saying go the right way. You should dress, talk, behave decently and in order. Even if someone is rich and wants to buy a land for the church and they built a church a priest cannot pray in it or her will be excommunicated because you need permission because its all under order.

+ St Basil said- a church should not be built except by permission from the bishop. If someone had the audacity to do otherwise, it is forever not permissible to make offering in it. If a priest dares to offer sacrifice in it, he is to be excommunicated from the stewardship. Catholicity (meaning universal) is preserved through concilarity.

+ we also come to church to live the journey of salvation- through the cross we were saved that’s why on the iconostasis it is at the top because we should always look at it and thank God because through it He saved us and there would be no heaven without the cross or we would have believed there was no heaven.

We face east in the church because of the magi (Christmas), the crucifixion, the ascension and the second coming.

+because she (the church) is the ark of salvation just like the ark of Noah. More are saved in the church peace and quietness and sharing the sacraments. That’s why we come to church. If you come to church for playing sport or to buy food because its cheaper in the church canteen that’s wrong. The reason you should want to come to church first is to pray then do anything you want after it.

+ the church is our mother- usually when you go to an interview they ask you for your name and you’d obviously put your parents’ name. but when you get baptized you are a son/daughter of Christ- just like our parents give us food so does our mother her food is God’s word and the teachings and it nourishes us. In the church the more we grow the more we learn. You first start off in Sunday school then older into more complex topics then your are a Sunday School teacher and you have to go to the meetings and then you have the sermon on Sunday Bible studies on Wednesday nights etc.

St Cyprian said- no one can call God his father who doesn’t call the church his mother. You can’t reach God without church


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