having a rel. with God

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having a relationship with God.

+ It is important to have relationship with God

+ There are 3 reasons why to have a relationship with God:

+ For eternal life

+ To enjoy God in this world by relationship

+ We cannot live our life without a relationship with Him.

+ We have peace in God

+ Your heart is triangular and the world is round, the world will never satisfy your heart.

+ We cannot live without God

+ John 14:9- Jesus said to him, Have I been with you so long, and yet you have not known Me, Philip? He who has seen Me has seen the Father; so how can you say, `Show us the Father'?

+ John 16:3- And these things they will do to you because they have not known the Father nor Me.

+ To know God we need a relationship with Him.

+ We may be doing things related to God, e.g. going to church, yet you still may not have knowledge of God and a personal relationship.

+ Fasting, praying, serving at church, knowing the sacraments etc. does not mean I have a personal relationship with God.

+ we need to obey these commandments

+ We should fear and love God at the same time.

+ If we fear people we must fear God

+ We need to ask God to work in our lives

+ We need to live the life of companionship and love to God

+ We need to get God involved in everything in our lives.

+ For a relationship with God we need:

+ will

+ Desire

+ Our work

+ Results of our work

+ Genesis 39

+ John 15:5

+ God needs to be a partner in all that we do

+ Philippians 2:13

+ Fellowship with the grace of God

+ God’s grace is the help of God

+ 1 Timothy 2:4

+ God will come in out lives if we give Him space

+ put the Lord first

+ take the opportunity when you feel the desire to talk to God

+ psalm 25

+Glory Be to God forever, Amen+


  • all wat u wrote above is sooooooo true

    thanks for sharing it with us
  • that was really good frog...thanks for sharing that!! we all need a great relationship with GOD...
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