4 pillars of Christianiity

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What’s the importance of celebrating achievements and special occasions? It keeps people coming back to the church.

What does that mean to you? When we grow older we will not find the same people we find today either because of marriage and now has to take on certain responsibilities or moving overseas for work etc.

But are they still maintaining a close relationship with Christ? Are they still having confession and Holy Communion? Etc.

What business is it of ours to know this stuff? It is definitely our business to know as we are 1 body in Christ and we are all brothers and sisters.

What happens if we are not together? The fragments are lots.

In Matt 28- they were to make disciples of everyone. The importance of serving. Every one of you will eventually serve. It’s not only Sunday school but other services. It is good to know the importance of it.

In the world there are lots of idolatress worship. What is idolatress worshiping? Putting something as a number 1 priority in life. And idol is something that is number in your life and usually people of the world have it something other than God.

We worship God- what does it mean to worship? It means that you love it so much and you want to be part of it and it to be part of you. Look around and you will rarely see someone that is devoted to the love of God.

What does it mean to us? This is the true service. Service is the by-product of our love to Him- whether it is serving in Sunday school, in the kitchen or even sweeping the floor it is all considered as service. Even a doctor can come after work and sweep the floor in the House of God and its still considered as service as we are all equal in the house of God. Service starts with loving Jesus Christ. A practical manifestation is service. Don’t serve then hope to love God. Start in and work out not vie versa. Service goes with getting rid of sins and uprooting the sins in trials and misfortune etc.

Please learn how you can love God- just like the famous saying “get the big idea and all will follow”

Loving the Lord Jesus Christ began by the birth of our church in 33AD.

Acts 2:40- just before the church was born people were gathered (120 believers) in the upper room of a lady called Mary mark whose son was John Mark and he is Mark who wrote the gospel and also established Christianity. Then the Holy Spirit descended onto the people in tongues of fire and it says in the Holy Bible that they were all in 1 accord and unified and there was one person who stood in front of many people and spoke in many tongues- that was St. Peter along with some disciples and apostles. What is a tongue? A tongue is not to speak in a different language but for you to speak in your own language and people understanding it in their language for example- if you are Ethiopian and you went to Australia to preach you speak in Ethiopian and the people will understand in Australian.

The Pentecostal churches don’t understand what they are saying- they say things in different languages and don’t even understand. Which is wrong.

St Peter by virtue stood preaching to more than 300 people from all nations and they all understood in their own tongues and he said to them the person you crucified, scorned, killed and spat on is the Christ who you were waiting for and you killed Him. Now when they heard this they were deeply cut and a voice came out of the crowd saying “what now shall we do?” then St Peter answered with the same thing that John the Baptist had said during his ministry and also that Jesus used during His ministry- “Repent and be saved” and from there they all got baptized in the Name of the Father, the Son and The Holy Spirit. And that was the birth of the church. Now today if you say how old is the church and you ask it in the year 2005 the answer is its 2005 years old. If we ask you in 2007 how old is the church the answer is 2007. by the way we are not talking about the building of the church but when people started to worship and break bread etc.

Back to the verse- when it says “he” talking about st Peter and when it says “them” it’s the people that were listening.

We find 4 pillars in this area in acts.

You can’t live without it. For all Christians the 4 pillars are the foundation on which our faith rests.

St James said in his epistle- faith without works is dead.

The 4 pillars are the practical manifestation in faith.

For an infection or virus what’s the clinical manifestation? It’s the coughing, runny nose, sore eyes etc. and so the practical manifestation of faith in our heart come with works- which is the only way we express ourself in Christ.

In St James’ epistle it says you must be a doer of the faith not only hearers.


worship- cant be Christians without taking the Body and Blood of Christ as it says in John 6- there is no life in you if you don’t partake of it and you cant gain eternal life so you have to participate in sacramental life in order to be eligible and that is a MUST.
Fellowship- is unfragmented church- if we don’t encourage we become lost and broken and it wont be ecclesiastical. It should be ecclesiastical in the church and out. We MUST take love in other things. Don’t ever think that if you isolate yourself it is right- monasticism and asceticism is a totally separate thing and its rare now days and also is exceptional. But as us in the west- fellowship is important.
Service- whether it is serving in Sunday school or helping the poor or whatever. But any service is important and that = work and work = practical manifestation. Prove faith by your works unless you work I wont believe that you are Christian. You must serve. Even ring up a friend and ask why they haven’t been coming to church for a while and visit them. If someone is depressed don’t just walk by them.
Witnessing- what is it? Its to love Jesus Christ and to live your life as a Christian. First in your heart then live in the extension which is the other 3 pillars. We are not asking you to go to doors and preach but it is being there for anybody that needs help. When you go to uni and even school doesn’t matter if you have non Christian friends. In fact it’s good. It’s only bad when the person starts to have an influence on you but other than that it’s good so you can show your Christian life and love. Hold and maintain your relationship with God. How do we witness in church? By serving- by picking up the phone. If one person hasn’t come to church for a long time ring them. Don’t leave them because it will show that we don’t care about them and that’s not how a church is and that is how we loose people. Yell them to come and not to come just for the sake of someone forcing me but for the real relationship with Christ. If the person doesn’t come because of certain circumstances ok but if they can just come at least once but if they don’t come because they are astray or cold then we really need them back. There are girls that have relationship with guys that are not Christian- what’s the issue here? Its not bad because they’ve fallen in love but because they are led astray from the pathway that leads to heaven but if they come back and bring the other person with them that’s perfect but we should pray that Jesus Christ gives us all strength and see the 4 pillars and continue in our church and not to forget our church as she is our mother. Of coarse there is not one person in the world that isn’t proned to sin but the church ordained a practice that makes us come back which is repentance and confession. Who wrote proverbs? Solomon did. It says a righteous man will fall 7 times but WILL get up. Everyone is proned to sin but the good news is that we can come back. It is ok to sin but it’s not ok to stay down. CONTINUE- God never says I can’t accept you.
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