How/Which verse to choose?

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hi everyone
well i read this article about how to study the Holy Bible and it say after you have read the chapter
1. Choose at least one verse and memorize it
well if you don't know which verse to memorize
for example if i'm reading the Gospel of St.Matthew
I didn't know which verse to memorize
do you memorize the verse that has quotation " " or it could be just sentence
The Gospel of St.Matthew the 1st and 2nd chapter it's hard to find a verse to memorize i think so , well i could be wrong
I really need advice and guidness from you guys
like to hear from you guys
and keep me in your prayer


  • I can see the problem you are having with the first few chapters of the gospel according to St. Matthew. These chapters mainly contain a history of Jesus' lineage. However, in an overwhelming majority of the Bible it will be much easier. My advice is:

    1) Pick a verse that has a lesson or a message for you. That way it will be easier to memorize and every time you remember it you will be encouraged to follow it.
    2) Pick a verse that is not to difficult to memorize.
    3) Pick a verse whose context you will remember, so that you will remember what the intention of it is and will not be tempted by the devil to icorrectly apply it in your life.

    For example in Chapter 1 you can choose verse 23.
    Behold, the virgin shall be with child, and bear a Son, and they shall call His name Immanuel," which is translated, “God with us."

    I like this verse because it can help me to remember that God is always with me and he came for me. It is just a coincidence that this verse is in quotes. It is in quotes because it is a quote of an Old Testament prophecy.
  • thanks KBibo8 ;) ;D :)

  • i agree with KBibo08 as well! thats the best asnwer. i think that you should pick the one that basically describes the chapter or appeals to you as something taht you could use in your life! i prolly dont have such a good answer like KBibo08 did, but thats what i would do or you could do one thats easy for you, but then its not really studing the bible.. its getting an easy one to let you pass on...
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