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[coptic]Entygennyci[/coptic] is a hymn that is said before khen efran. it is a greek part and it is said vary fast. a deacon from our church, Mina, taght me this and he said that he doesn't have a recording for it. so am asking anyone who knows anything about this hymn and if there's a recording for it. am espcily asking WB (he personaly taught it to Mina, which i learned it from :))
so WB do you have it, please atleast send it to me . pleaseeee.
i love that hymn.

[coptic]Entygennyci tyn par;enian `[email protected] en ty kimyci ton kocmon ou katelipec ;e`[email protected] metectyc `proc tyn zwyn mytyr `up`ar,ouca tyc [email protected] ke tec `precbiec tec ce`wc lutroumeny `ek ;anatou tac 'u,ac `ymwn.[/coptic]


  • WB, are you around ;D
  • Dear Mina,

    I am sorry for the delay replying to your message concerning Entygennyci. You may go to Media, Hymns, Other Occasions, Glorification of St. Mary, and click on my folder "Wagdi Bishara". I am working on maintaining all the coptic hymns in a good digital format and will let you. If you would be interested, I would like to send them all in one DVD.

    I met with Mina last week and he said so many good things about you and how much do you love our church hymns.

    May Jesus Bless you.

  • any way thanks.
    i Love Mina. :)
    but do you know that abouna Mina's Father departed last week. that's why he is in Egy. and tomorrow is the fortyth anniversty(el-arbe3en) of his mom in the church . St.Mark's Jersey City.

    and about the DVD, i would love to.
  • I didn't know about Mina's father, but thanks for telling me and I will try to contact him.

    regarding the DVD "Hymns Encyclopedia", will let you know soon, and it will have all hymns of our Great Coptic Church. The Coptic church needs enthusiastic people like you to serve.
  • Is that right?! [move] ÏÇ ÇäÇ ÇáÍÞíÑ ãíäÇ[/move]
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