brain damage in newborn babies

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hey guys

i was just wondering, in the coptic church, if a new born baby (god forbbid) is born with brain damage or somthing occurs and in the first weeks and it suffers brain damage, can its life support be turned off? i know its not the same as euthunasisa but its still playing god in a way

see my friend has heard of a man whose 3week old baby has brain damage and they have the chocie to turn off his machine. so what should he do?????? ???


  • has the baby been baptised?

    I think the correct answer will be something like "no let the baby live"
  • im sorry but no....if the brain is DEAD then that is ok..but brain are killing a soul.... never know...he might be the person to create a cure for cancer....i dont recall einstein being all that normal!!

    Definetly NOT!! keep the Baby alive..if it was Gods will..he would kill the baby for himself...

    thats just my opinion in my state...
  • its so hard like please keep them in your prayers
  • well maybe the god will want to perform a miracle ior something who knows?

    they are in my prayers

  • Well as I understand life support is not to be removed until the person dies...that's for everyone not just babies. Because yes in a way u are interfering with God's role, and the life support could help him live and even a miracle could occur. They are in our prayer.
  • okay well its a baby who did not grow up and see the world and life and all the pleausuers in the world and what god has planned for the baby in the future only he knows.god knows the past,present,future.

    love always ur sister in christ mary
  • if the baby is brain DEAD then i think you could take him/her off life support... if it is only brain damage then no, you cannot take him/her off life support because the brain is still alive and functioning...
  • I also agree with Christ4Life!

    Coptic Servent
  • thanks guys for your replies and ur prayers

    god bless u
  • can i make things complicated? lol ;D
    what if someone is in a permanent coma?
  • lol...that is hard...

    i personally to tell the truth...if there us 0 % chance he is waking uo again...well then...i think he should be put off life support!!!
  • euthunasisa

    what's that???

    what if someone is in a permanent coma?

    what's that too?
  • a coma is when some1 is o3'ma 3leh

    does that help???
  • a coma is when someone's organs are capable of living but the brain does not function (sorry this may not all be 100% true, its a little hard to explain). Epnomos EnTaio, once again, if the coma is PERMANENT,and there is a 100% the person will never awake again, you can take the person off life support. If there is .1111111111% chance of them surviving, you CANNOT take them off life support, because there is a chance they may live. Whether they do or not, that is God's knowledge and his only.
  • then who should have the choice of putting someone off life supprt and why? ;D
    theres more! lol
  • who? the family of course. if the person is married i say the wife/husband go first, ect... why? because they are one soul, and one spirit. (i believe that says it all) after that i think the parents n then the siblings...
  • wow that looks scary actually
  • [quote author=mnc_hnn link=board=10;threadid=3163;start=0#msg47296 date=1139258657]


    what's that???

    Euthunasia is putting someone to death because they don't see the point of keeping them alive since they can't function in life or for any other reasons.

  • alright so is that wrong, what about the church's answer about that?

  • of course it's wrong....and the Church says it's wrong
    I did a topic on that once...way back...i will try to find it for u.
  • would you think putting a baby off its life support a form of euthenasia? simple because euthenasisa is where you ask for the life support 2 be turned off but like the baby cant speak

    do u get what i mean????????
  • i think it's wrong but i dunno if it's euthenasia or not?
  • any other comments guys????????????????
  • if a new born might u know god forbid have only a little while to live, are they allowed 2 be baptised early?
  • yes all infants r allowed to be baptised even if they've just been born 3 mins ago..

    we say wait 40days for boys
    80days for girls

    as concerning that the mother can so be able to attend the baptism because she's not allowed (dunno in church or only near the alter) till those days pass..
    sorry if any of the above is not rit guys..
  • :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(? ??? ??? ??? ??? :-\ :'( 8) :o :( >:( ;D :D ;) :) :o 8) ??? ::) :P :-[ :-X :-\ :-* :'( :'( :-\
  • whats that meant to mean
    a bit confused

    thanx mnc
  • The mother is allowed in the church at all times, she just cannot enter the altar or take communion.
  • r u sure? coz i heard she sometimes cnt..
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