The Elect of God

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Who are the elect of God and how do you know if you are an elect of God? Are they by signs, how you live, what you do, who you were born from?

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  • where did you hear about this? this sounds like a calvinist teaching, or i could just be unclear as to what you mean. the elect of god, indeed they are his sons and daughters, are those who love him and keep his commandments.
    here is wat i mean:
    luke 8:21:
    But He answered and said to them, “My mother and My brothers are these who hear the word of God and do it.”

  • what do u mean by elect.....priest, preachers...believers??? what ??
  • The term elect is used numerous times in the Bible, especially in the epistles, to refer to the faithful. The one that comes to mind first is in 1 Peter 1:1-2.

    1 Peter, an apostle of Jesus Christ,

    To the pilgrims of the Dispersion in Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia, and Bithynia, 2 elect according to the foreknowledge of God the Father, in sanctification of the Spirit, for obedience and sprinkling of the blood of Jesus Christ:

    Grace to you and peace be multiplied.

    So the questions that first come to mind is, "Who are the elect?" and "Am I one of them?"

    According to these two verses it becomes apparent that one is elect only according to the forknowledge of God. Therefore, God being omniscient know who will choose to follow Him and those become the elect. So God does not choose who will be saved and who will not be saved. He wants us all to be saved. However, the reality is we will not all choose to love Him and therefore we will not all be saved. Therefore you choose to be part of the elect or not. God only knows what your choice will eventually be and therefore knows who are the elect. Another aspect of being part of the elect is present in this verse. You must be "sanctified in the Spirit." Therefore, to be part of the elect you must partake of the Holy Spirit through baptism. And finally, we cannot be saved without the blood of Christ.
  • iqbal... a little help ::)
  • what is an elect of God? I dont understand... Im sorry that I couldn't help, but me more specific.
  • As I implied before. The term "elect" usually refers to the faithful who are being saved.

    A slightly related issue is how should an orthodox Christian answer the Protestant question: "Have you been saved?" Many of them see salvation in terms of the heresy of salvation in a moment. For example.
    Time point A: I am a sinner.
    Time Point B: I accept Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior and repent all of my sins.
    Therefore, from time point B on I am saved.

    This goes against the Orthodox concept of salvation. Salvation is a process. You are not saved in a moment but by living a life with Christ. Therefore the best way to answer this question is "I am being saved."

    Also, we must reject the idea that God's foreknowledge of the elect negates our own personal free will and the necessity that we choose to follow Him to be saved.

    I hope this helps to clarify things a bit.
  • Would God ever reveal to you whether you are one of the elect or not?

    Please pray for me always,
    Believer in God
  • if the elect are the people who are being saved, then that is every christian trying to find his way to God.
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