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hey guys,

i was wondering when you have major exams for school, university etc and u have 2 continuously study, how do you find the time to pray the agpya when your pretty exhusted from all that workolad???

marina :D


  • lol i sometimes feel like that too... but i still pray because i still benefit from it even if its a little...
  • Okay, allow me to tell you something..last year, I was loaded with crazy amounts of work but somehow, I managed to pray the agbeya every night and I did pretty well..this year, I haven't prayed from the agbeya often because I thought this year's 10 times harder and a small prayer would be enough..and although I feel like I'm paying more attention to my work and I should be less exhausted and perhaps even happier but nope..somehow, when I prayed I felt that each day's work was lifted and I started anew..when I stopped, I knew something was wrong..I was 100x more weary than when I stayed up to pray. So my personal advice, pray as much as you can..I mean, sometimes you just can't for whatever reasons but when you can, really, do..I regret ever stopping..regret it a great deal..don't let the devil tell you that you can stop just because you have work..if you really think about it, the only reason we do well on work is because God helps us and not because we leave Him to study..He's caring enough to help us regardless but I can't express to you how much prayer does..
  • ServantOfJesus that was beautiful

    thank you so much ;)
  • thankyou ServantOfJesus I think your advice might help me next year...

    I want to ask you people do you think I should still maybe pray from the agpia if I am up at 5:00 am from reading the bible?.. or is it late and I should sleep? maybe the devil keeps me busy with reading other stuff to prevent me from reading from the agpia? I think I sometimes choose to read other stuff because I want to read something that affects my heart, gives me peace maybe and increases my love to God .. because the agpia to me sometimes or all the time seems boring...

    I think I read alot because I am very much in search of peace but I do not know how long I will continue..
    pray for me!

  • mazza, if you do not have the time to pray, you need to communicate and understand what you are saying, if you are studing, it will be great for you to pray before you study and before you go to bed, after each subject ask God to help you, God will help you if you are giving it all your effort, you need to remember that whatever you are having difficulties with, God will make it easier for you to understand in the future, if you don't understand it now you will understand it later!

    Coptic Servent
  • You should always pray before you do your homework, especially if you are going to study because then you can ask God to be with you while you are taking the test and even studying for it. i know that a lot of times you can get tired, but try really hard or do it before you get tired... because it only takes like 5-10 minutes.

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