Can a priest tell you not to take communion?

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a priest told a girl not to take communion until she broke up with her boyfriend, is he allowed to take away communion?


  • yes, a priest is able to prevent someone from taking communion for a certain reason. there was also another thread about this subject...
  • Holy Communion Is only for repentant sinners I think...
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    a priest told a girl not to take communion until she broke up with her boyfriend, is he allowed to take away communion?

    was this in the process of was she telling abouna in confession n he told her u cant have hc..becasue she didnt want to break it up!!! wow...i just know he has full right to say that if it is something more divorce not allowed by the church or adultry..but not teenagers acting on their inflatuation!!!!
  • wel i think a priest has the right to do whatever he an extent

    like i remember once when i was like 11 or sumfing, i woke up ready for mass and was like in a dehydrated stage...i just needed water, so i took a sip of water and was going 2 tell abouna, when i was up there about to receive the holy body, i asked abouna for an absolution and he said no im sorry u cant. it was so embarasing, i had to walk away and every1 was looking. i learnt from that day lol
    p.s- 'why' it was abouna mina lol ::)
  • wow!! yes once that happened to me before but it was when i drank becasue i forgot about holy communion that day..n he asked all sorts of questions...when did u drink..will u do it again...r u sure it was a took about 30 sec for him to think and with great thought, he warned me not to do it again n gave me worries..i was really small.... that ok if u answer my previous post superman...

    ta...kol sana wento tayebeen ...madrasa eptadet..yeehee..ma3lesh arabna is short!!
  • i agree with all of you, abouna can do whatever he wants..and i had a question..can u take the holy body without taking the holy blood bec. sometihng happened last week and i was soo confused, there was a baptist girl that came with her friend and she went in to take comuniun and she took the holy body but abouna asked her when she was taking the blood and she said she is baptist..and he didn't give her the that rit to do?

  • thats a good question

    i heard of something similar
    there was a guy who i think was presbyterian or sumfing like that and took the body of chirst but he didnt believe that it was the true communion, then all of a sudden he couldnt chew the body, he felt is was extremely strong. he opened his mouth and the holy body had turned to a hard piece of scary, i dont think he ever came back again :o
    (abouna told us this story like2yrs ago)
  • i once took the body once and not the blood too... but that was because something happened in between that prevented me...

    but sandrahanna yes, abouna can prevent someone from taking the Holy Communion if they are not Oriental Orthodox, in this case baptist.
  • so what happens if u dont receive the holy blood as well?
  • nothing... lol there's nothing you can do about it..
  • i was very young too, maybe 11 or 12... and it never happened for me either...
  • ok i remember some1 asking the same question to abouna..the one that if u take the body but not the blood or vice versa...ok ok...look, in the mass, abouna puts the blood on the bread and the same with how there is a poece of orbana put in the blood (that ususally stays in the cup n u can see it and then is eaten by the abouna...YUM) so if by any reason you didnt get one of the is OK..take a chill pill n realx...everything will be OK..

    n plus..ususally little baby kids dont take the bread n like they are able to chew good...they only have the blood...

  • ohhh i c
    thats a good point

    i forget that babies dont take both

    thanks tadpole (what the???) :D
  • well c i am a diciple of FROG...tadpole.....???

    get it...or was that far off??? lol :D ;)
  • ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i c

    anyways...back to the topic

    sorry guys for our unecessary posts :-\
  • Let us start with the basics:

    - When the Church institutes a certain law, it has its roots in the Apostolic Tradition and is not an invention church members, clergy or laymen. This is a very important aspect of Orthodoxy as a whole. The right of priesthood to prevent some members from communion has been exercised throughout the Apostolic Age and beyond, with a clear example of the sinner of Corinth who was excommunicated by St. Paul himself.

    - It is not a punishment, it is a treatment for a spiritual disease. If left untreated, it will lead to a spiritual death. Taking communion while unworthy and unrepented of a clear sin has consequences that cannot be underestimated. Preventing an unrepented sinner from communion is a protection from such consequences. On the other hand, and away from the spiritual benefit of the person, the spiritual life of the congregation has to be looked after with more care. Whether because of an immoral behavior or because of heresies, which is spreading among Copts very quickly, the priests and bishops have the responsibility to protect the congregation.

    - It is not a privilige for the priests, it is a very heavy responsibility and they need our continuous prayers so that the Lord might give them wisodm to exercise such right. The authority given to any priest serves him to fulfill his responsibilities.

    - Being worthy for communion is sometimes misunderstood. It is the struggle against sin that makes a person worthy for communion, even if he/she repeats falling into sin. Putting the good fight of faith is the standard to measure against, and not the repeated fall into sin. It does not make a difference what sin it is, whether homosexuality, adultry, lying, cursing, or any other sin. This is the call of the father of confession to judge the person's spiritual life.

    But an advocate for sin, or a person who thinks that sin is an attitude to be endorsed, is to be excommunicated after many rounds of advise. Zero tolerance policy. As for a heretic, I have nop compassion for such individuals.
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    wasnt there a story like that, i actually heard it on this site of a muslim lady taking the Holy Body and spitting it out and ppl found it and it was like, true flesh rite?

    but ya, one time I took the bread but not the blood, i felt awful... i guess i asnt paying attnetion to the line the second time and I missed it... :-[

    thats what sayedna told us once..and we r egyptians so u r gonna hear a diff. story everyday..jk!
    and i got the point..hnx!

  • umm yes they also so that here in AUstralia but when the baby is small enough that she is not abke to chew yet..the priest i think prefers not to give it the bread..
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    I remember when my sister was younger and Iused to take her to communion that she took both the body and the blood with the babies.. they give them a crumb of the Body and the dip their finger in the blood and give it to the baby... Thats how they do it here..

    ya..thats what all abounas do everywhere...because as why said the baby isn't gonna be able to chew the orbana!

  • hey.. . i think abouna has the right to do that as long as he knowns its for ur own sake... he probably can't pick in some really big cases, but in this case... im pretty sure he can because she wasn't abiding by church and she has to be a complete coptic orthodox christian for communion.

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