would you ever marry your cousin????



  • my parents are cousins too.... i would never do it though...
  • mazza ur right...n yer it all depends on the person but from the religous side it is NO PROBLEMO!!
  • Cousin marriages isn't for me either, but that's because I view my cousins as siblings.
  • Actually, I spoke to my mom about this recently and she told me that people always think that egys marry their cousins as in first close cousins..she told me most of the time ya3ny, it's distant cousins..like tant mish 3arfa meen's twice removed cousin's daughter's son is marrying their 'relative' and they just label it cousin..it's a rarity that first cousins wed..like you said, their relationship isn't one of that sort..but I guess there's a few.
  • thats actually true

    like i know a few couples who are cousins but theyre like 3rd or fourth
  • umm i know some people marry their cousins..especially rich people..so no one out of the family takes away their fortune...ma friend, her mum married her cousin so she was made certain that no man was going to trick her n take her fortune...he was a relative..so what was the worst that was gonna happen

    do u get what i mean!!
  • yea good point..
  • no because there is a recently dicovered disease about marrying relations.
  • but they said they married very far relatives..
  • [flash=200,200][/flash]i dont see whats wrong with cousin marriage lol [move][/move]gods blessing
  • sorry i dont know how the movin n flashin things work
    sorry[move][/move] gods blessing[flash=200,200][/flash]
  • i love my cousins but i wouldn't want to MARRY THEM. i love them as brothers and sisters not as marrage. i don't know, i don't and would not think of them in that ay.... you know ? :P
  • Just curious,
    Are there any sermons on what priests, bishops or H.H Pope Shenouda says about cousin marriages?

  • Hey lol, How is it going, lol the idea of marrying a cousin does really depend on the person. I mean it all depends on you, and again it differs from a person to a person. It depends on the feelings and the understanding of your cousin's personality, whether you think that he is a suitable person for marriage or not. It does happen a lot that cousins do get married but quite a few, because nowadays most of the ppl consider their cousins as brothers and sisters, but again it differes from a person to a person, I know a person that got married to his cousin and they both living very happily, so again it depends
  • do they have any children?
  • Yep they do and their family is very successful. But again like what I said before, it all depends on the person and what he/she thinks about her cousin.
  • No, becouse I do not whant to have a baby with birth problems. But, the Orthadox church lets you marry your cusin. Also in Egypt it is legal. But in places like the USA it is illegal.
  • I don't think that it is illigal in the USA.
  • I think it is plain wrong to marry your cousin lol but that is my opinion...there is one major consequence and that is a baby with birth defects
  • [quote author=mtanious32 link=board=10;threadid=3053;start=45#msg54840 date=1147823647]
    I think it is plain wrong to marry your cousin lol but that is my opinion...there is one major consequence and that is a baby with birth defects

    I'm going to have to say that this is not always that case. many be at one point that was the belief but i know a young couple who recently got married (not even a year yet) and they are cousins and each of their parents are also cousins. the bride's dad is a very good doctor, you'd think he'd advice his daughter not to marry her cousin because him and her mom are also cousins and so are the groom's parents, but instead, he was very welcoming to the idea and even encouraged it.

    I think the main advantage to marrying your cousin is that the families will be on an agreement since you're related and will care for each other's family because after all it is your own, your aunt/uncle is your mother/father-in-law. and let's face it, one of the major marital problems today have to do with the families of the couple.
  • [quote author=Gods kid link=board=10;threadid=3053;start=45#msg54838 date=1147820929]
    I don't think that it is illigal in the USA.

    i think he meant canada
  • canaba lol
  • My parents are cousins and i turned out just fine. What kind of birth defects are there when cousins marry?
  • it depends and no one can really predict until they have ultra sound scan for the foetus and then they know so as u can see yourself lol not in all cases but it can be mental or physical problems. something to do with the genes and i doubt there'll be any doctors on these forums to answer you.

  • [quote author=mnc_hnn link=board=10;threadid=3053;start=45#msg58490 date=1154462414]
    canaba lol

    hahahahahaha.......... canaba! mafeash antareh?? :P
    hahahahaha........ tohfa!

    My parents are cousines. My dad is ebn 3amet mama, we mama is bent khalet baba.

    I would NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER marry my cousin ( I have lots of cousines but they either married or they are girls, there is only one my age or too little). Ebn 3mi ( my uncle's son) I would never ever think of marrying him, not just because this Handicaped problem but also becasue he is annoying and edoh te`ela :P

    I worked with hadicaped kids at school, and I am sure their parents aren't related because it is illegal where I am from.

    So it is GOD's plan, he has something special for them.

  • my uncle and my aunt are cousins
  • i think its realii disggusting
  • i agree with coptic servent/
  • personally i would never marry my cousin, i get into so many fights with them lol

    plus they r like my brothers so....it would be very akward for me

  • well my cousin married her cousin... and you guyss may think thats its weird.. but in ammerica... pple dont really consider or thikn about marrying ther cousins so it might make you think thats its weird too...--thats my opinion
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