Arranged marriages

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what do you guys think about arranged marriages? can they work out? Also, does our church recommend arranged marriages? Why/why not?

Youstina S


  • no i dont think they work out, personally, most of my fmailies marriages are arranged to an extent and i hate it... don't u have to look for mr./mrs. right yourself?

    and i dont noe the church's standings on this, i think it is allowed....

    - cheers[/glow]
  • There is a possibility that they can work out...but for the majority I don't think it does. I mean it's just an over rated thing...Marriage is for a lifetime, and if someone chooses for me the person I am going to spend the rest of my life with, without even loving him then of course this is not gonna work. There is no such thing as love come after marriage, love GROWS with marriage, but you have to have feelings (love) for the person you are going to marry before you even marry him.
    I don't think the church recommend arranged marriage, but I think our culture USE to...Nowadays, even in have to choose the one you are going to marry not let your family choose them.
  • I'm not sure about what the church thinks but i'd rather marry someone i love than to marry someone my parents want me to love.
  • i agree with marmar. how can someone choose, for you, THE PERSON YOU ARE GOING TO LIVE THE REST OF YOUR LIFE WITH????? i would rather not marry at all than to live with someone i dont feel close to or love.
  • I believe that God will tell you whether or not, that you found mr or mrs right, you'll just know it, and btw, arranged marriages aren't that bad, it may be passed from generation to generation, I would like to say that your parents usually choose who your mate is, and it's basicly egyptian parents!

    Coptic Servent
  • I am not sure whether our church recommends arranged marriages or not but if I had to take a guess I would probably say that our church probably does not recommend it. My reasoning to this is because some times arranged marriages work and sometimes they don't, as was stated. The fact that there is a chance that the marriage would not be successful would probably not allow our church to recommend it. As we know the church is against divorce and if there is a high rate of divorce due to this matter, I am not sure if there is or not, then the church would probably definately object to this.

    Please pray for me always,
    Believer in God
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