Our Hymn Library

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i think everyone knows that we have a hymn library on the site. and if you don't here is the link.

the thing is every user on tasbeha.org can add a new hymn. and our goal is to have all the hymns and the 3 languages(coptic-english-arabic) so every one could understand the meaning of the hymn. like for example, we just added the kiahk vespers praises is coptic. these parts are actuly have been written on a site for the first time. and now we're transulating ALL of them. so we need every one's help. as some of you who listens to lahn, some of the lahn on the site are played with the text under so you could listen and read and with some people learn a hymn. so who ever would help could just reply for this topic. and if you do wan't to help, please add the hymns that are not there or not there in a specific language.

[glow=red,2,300]And who ever would find any mistakes in the hymns that are there, or the hymns that are played, please just post them so they could be fixed by someone. [/glow]


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