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Are we as orthodox christians supposed to believe everything in the Gospel of Saint John? If you have read the four gospels, Saint John's is by far the most off with the story of Jesus' life. The other three gospels, (also knownas the the synoptic gospel for their *symphonic* beauty to complement each other in every which way), are different from each other yes, but where one story is not written, it is explained tenfold in another gospel...

So to reiterate my question, Are we supposed to believe everything that John wrote? If not...would that make us assumptous to say that Saint John was a liar? And if this were true, how can we be followers of a disciple who lied to us? Anyone who has read the Gospel of John will tell you some things he says are pretty far-fetched...


  • ive read all four gospels not too much a while ago and saint John's seems no different than the other 3. can you give a specific verse/story which lead you to believe so? ???
  • Rony,

    1- I found it strange that you consider yourself an Orthodox but had many doubts about the Holy Bible!!!!!

    2- Believing in the accuracy of the Holy Scripture is one of the foundation that entitle the person to be Christian.

    3- The word “synoptic” is introduced by the heretics and the school of “Bible Criticism” to belittle the Bible.

    4- For your knowledge the first three Gospels were written before the destruction of Jerusalem, ( before 70AD }

    5- The Gospel of St. John was written at the end of the first century or the beginning of the second century. St John wrote the Bible to defend the Divinity of the Lord Jesus Christ against the heretics at that time, who start to deny that the Lord is the eternal Son of God. That is why he starts his Bible by “

    1: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
    2: He was in the beginning with God;
    3: all things were made through him, and without him was not anything made that was made.
    4: In him was life, and the life was the light of men.

    6- I challenge you to bring us any part of the Holy Bible that you feel far fitch as you said by yourself!!!

    7- no one in this site will accept you saying that St John is a liar. He is the one who saw the Throne of God and wrote to us the Book of Revelation.
    My friend you need a great help, if you really are Orthodox as you claim.
  • by the way, if any one want to listen to the gospel, here is the link for the gospel recorded in the annual tune by one of the talented deacons in the church of st.Mark JC. this tracks are also with the arabic and english text of the gospel(NKJV).,_Jersey_City,_NJ.html
  • I was only reiterating what my religions teacher said lol

    Its not what I believe but a question she posed and I had no answer to...

    I read all the gospels, but John seems very very detailed. I'm sorry for the confusion i meant no harm
  • your religion teacher? is she coptic or orthodox? saint John's Gospel is very detailed because he is the one that spent the most time with our Lord, if it wasnt detailed something would be wrong.
  • Rony,

    Allow me to impart some wisdom to you: Your religion teacher is an idiot.

    There is no contradiction between the Gospel of St John and the Synoptics. St John's Gospel is remarkeably different in style and focus, but guess what - he was addressing a particular audience with his own particular purpose. It's common sense that your religion teacher lacks, as most secular teachers who think themselves qualified of teaching Christianity.

    P.S. Don't tell you religion teacher that he/she is an idiot; just know that he/she is.
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