Musical Transcriptions of Liturgy

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What Hymns would you like to see on our site?
I would like to have coptic music notes or any source in the internet for the notes for better understanding especially for americans who play music ( My wife is american and would like to learn the hymns by playing the music on an instrument.


U. Fahmy


  • I'm only aware of music transcriptions of the Divine Liturgy that was commissioned by the late Ragheb Moftah. It's available on Amazon

    If anyone else knows of other music transcriptions, please post the info.
  • Hi all,
    Concerning the hymns notes, the most closest to the church performance is the published notes in 2002 (George Kyrillos). It includes the microtone (rob3 tone) characterizing the oriental music

    The notes of Dr Ragheb Moftah are western(no microtone). so if u play them it would be SOMETIMES different to your ear from the actual church hymns.

    u can scan the notes published by George Kyrillos for the following hymns:

    Epouro (3 tunes)
    Ari-Ho-oo tshasf
    Hiten ni epresvia (anaphora)
    O-nim-nai (Easter)
    Amin ton thanaton (anaphora)

    Concerning the requested hymns:

    Please put everything(if u can) for the main source: Mlm Mikhael elBatanony
  • Do you know where one can obtain these notes?
  • The book details are:

    Title: Al-Al7an Al-Qepteya Ro-7a-ney-yat-ha wa mo-si-ka-ha
    "Coptic hymns-Spirituality and music"

    Author: George Kyrillos
    Publisher: St. Mark Church- Al Ma3ady
    Publishing date: February 2002
    Presentation: H.G Anba Mattaos, Anba Raphaeel and Anba Danial

    It includes some survey of the music of the first era of Christianity in Egypt, compares it to Ancient Egyptian music and jewish hymns.
    Finally it presents the hymns I mentioned before with comments and musical analysis including (oriental) notes

  • I found this musical notes for Hiten ni presveya (Anaphora) on the site of David Ensemble:

    I wish they can add more soon
  • hi,

    I just wanted to let you know that I have two really nice books of piano music for Coptic Hymns. The author is Dr. Samy Farag. I got them from bookstores of churches, so go take a look at your church bookstore. I was not able to find it online, but I think would probably have it. God Bless!
  • [quote author=VIVA XHMI link=board=2;threadid=29;start=0#msg43 date=1059333202]
    Please put everything(if u can) for the main source: Mlm Mikhael elBatanony

    How are you guys. My name is Amir from Brooklyn, New York. Mike Sleeman knows me very well. About your comment VIVA XHMI, no-one has the complete recording of Mlm Mikhael Girgis Ghabriel el Batanony except for a hand full of people and all 3 of them live in Egypt. People out here such as the admin's of and certain people in Canada have some of the rare recordings of Muallim Mikhael el Batanony but posted them unlawfully. There is something you should also know. Dr. Ragheb Moftah left his neice in charge of all his works after his departure. She had given some people certain privileges, such as people from coptic hymns, to her uncles collection, but in return people started using it for their own marketing and solicitating purposes. Dr. Ragheb Moftah himself has given the group from Australia certain rites to edit and enhance the quality of sound for the tasbeha, basil liturgy and passion week rites for the HICS. I have personally spoken to both Mlm. Ibrahim Ayad and Dr. Ragheb's neice, and they both feel that (1) the coptic heritage is going to die out because of the contraversy that is occuring around us and (2) people are doing things without permission. Dr. Ragheb's neice had asked me several times to form a website and she has given me classified resources and information to put on that website to make a point that everything Dr. Ragheb Moftah has worked on should not be forgotten. I was meaning to speak with Mike Sleeman about this issue for quite a while but I have been caught up with so many different issues. I pray that you support Dr. Ragheb's efforts by not marketing his products and whoever is willing to donate and support the website and the Higher Institute of Coptic Studies please inform me.

    Pray for me
    Amir Bekhit
  • I think that would be something great to have on the site!
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