• A true friend doesnt see vanity but ur personality. They accept u for who u r, whether u be short, tall, fat, skinney, black, white, male, female. A true friend doesn't judge ur differences.
    In my opinion, having a different gender best friend is absolutly fine.
    If u know ur willing to do anything for that person then that is how u know ur real friends.
  • a true friend is someone you can always rely on to be there for you. a true friend is a person who will never let you down. a true friend is someone who can be counted on at all times. a true friend is someone who will never gossip about you. and they won't fight with you. a true friend is someone who will never make u do bad things that will affect your spiritual behavior. a true friend is someone who won't do something to hurt you. a true friend is a person who will give you advice. a true friend will most likely share everything with you, cry with you, have fun with you, and and they will never judge you. They will always love you by personality NOT LOOKS. They are someone that can laugh with you and always rejoice for you when you do something good. And they would never EVER try to hurt you on PURPOSE!!

    Gender does matter becuase you can't talk to a boy about guys. They may be ur best friends, but it would be so hard to cry to them, to have A GREAT TIME WITH THEM. you cannot share all ur secrets with them. thats for sure. think about some examples and you'll know what i mean.

    love lots,
  • i think that it doesn't really matter about gender is because me and my brothers are like best friends and we can tell each other everything. I also had a male friend in church when i was real young and if u knew that person for a long time u feel so comfortable and u treat them like ur friends that are female. i'm sure this is just my opinion and i agree with someof the things u said but if friendship doesnt see looks whats the difference if ur male or female?
  • ok, i don't thnk you can talk about EVERYTHING!! you cant really talk abut things known as "girl stuff" or "girl talk". that is also JUST my opinion, but think that it is true if you get really specific. sorry if that sounds offensive.

    love lots,
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