Symbolism in Orthodoxy

hey everyone...i was just thinking how meaningful and symbolic the Coptic Orthodox Faith is. Everything from the church structure to the scarements- its extraordinary how we give so much spiritual meaning to everything we do.

One symbol i really like is how our church is shaped as the ark that Noah built. Just as the righteouss ppl were in the ark to save themselves from the corruptness of the world, so will the act of entering the church wholeheartedly save us from the evil that exists in our world. therefore, the church is a place for safety and security for those who believe in God wholeheartedly.

now i want you guys to start posting any form of symbolism our church can post symbolism of the church structure or symbols of Christ or even symbols belonging to the sacraments!!

Youstina S


  • interestingly enough, i recently heard that funeral prayers vary depending on the age of death and they also vary depending on the gender...yes believe it or not, prayers for a female are different than prayers for a male...Guys, im still waiting on hearing more symbols!!

    Youstina S
  • Issac in the old testament is a symbol of Our Lord Jesus:

    a) He had a miraculous birth...Jesus also had a miraculous birth
    b) His father willingly agreed to have him sacrificed...God the Father willingly had His Son, jesus Christ, sacrificed
    c) He is the father of Many is Our Lord

    Joseph in the old testament is also a symbol of Our Lord Jesus:

    a) He was hated by his brothers...Jesus was hated by the world
    b) He was sold for 20 pieces of silver....Jesus was sold for 30 pieces of silver
    c) He became a great ruler though he started off as nothing...Jesus was a poor son of a carpenter but He is now our Heaveny King

    Church Structure:

    1 dome= Jesus is the head of the Church Who seated in high the heavens
    3 domes= the holy trinity
    5 domes= the center dome is Christ and the 4 small domes are the 4 evangelists
    12 pillars= 12 disciples (St Paul calls the discplies pillars in Gal 2:9)
    4 pillars= the 4 evangelists
    the altar= takes the form of cube, resembles the tomb of the Lord
    altar clothing= represents the linen cloth of our Lord at his burial
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