The Armenian Genocide

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What do you guys think?


  • It hold the same monstrocities as the Holocust. When man can not find God, he inevitably finds a god. He himslef becomes his own god. Such, was the case with the autrosity of Hitler's own state of being.
  • The saddest part about the Armenian genocide, is the fact that it has become a forgotten part of history. Most people outside of Greece and Armenia, do not remember the atrocities commited by the Turks.
  • Your right kBibo8, i have no idea what that even was. Can someone tell me whatr happened?

  • hey ppl what is that plz?
  • I don't have any idea about this event too. Would anyone please give an explanation?
  • Wow i just looked it up, and its really scary. It sounds alot like the holocaust, but what i dont get is how come it isnt as known as the holocaust? It was during the same time period and in the same region, but i dont ever remember learning about it in world history, or even hearing about it before. Its pretty sad.

  • It's when the Turk's killed the Armenians. When was it? I don't know. Why it happened? I don't know. I've heard it many times because I go to school in where half the kids are Armenian.
  • CAN SOME1 EXPLAIN PLZ???? i don't get anything
  • omg it's HORRIBLE
  • Good subject, more people should know about this.

    Just one quick note, Hitler wrote that his idea for the "Final Solution", or better known as the Holocaust, came from the Armenian Genocide....I believe the line he wrote was "after all who remembers the Armenian Genocide."

    Another note, the young Turks and Mustafa Kemal Attaturk, after WWI and the short Greek/Turkish war following, removed all Christians from the country that were not in areas covered under the treaty between Greece and Turkey. This resulted in numerous death marches for Christians located in areas outside Istanbul and a few other choice locations. A great first hand account on this can be found in the book "Not Even My Name" by Thea Halo.

    It's great that someone brought this up!!! This knowledge should spread!!!!
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