Coptic txt for the 7 tones

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anyone have the txt for the 7 tones??


  • its in the file i send u before :P
    look for "Piovwini `nta `fm3i" and u'll find the coptic txt.

    its on the site too btw:
  • The part Hos Erof linked you to is the part that's sung in all the different tones etc etc...the rest is simply the rest of the morning doxology found in any psalmody. If you can't get hold of one then put up a new post and ill put it up i guess
  • yah bezabt ya dany, the 42 minutes is 90% filled with the long tunes.
    Oh and btw, u end the doxology with [coptic]Neknai[/coptic] which ends with [coptic]`Pouro[/coptic] and that one can be sung in the festal tune. We usually do the last 2 verses from [coptic]`ntef`cmou `eron[/coptic], u guys should try it at ur church, its really cool lol ;D
  • hey hey how does it go?
  • first four parts start with the festal cymbals tune but is slightly different
    second four go the [coptic]piwik[/coptic] way
    third four go the Aspasmos Adam way (ie like [coptic]ounof `mmo Mari`a[/coptic])
    Fourth four go the [coptic]Marenouwnh[/coptic] way
    Fifth four go the [coptic]Qen ouswt[/coptic] way
    Last 2 go like [coptic]nai etau hotpou[/coptic] as it is sung in weddings
    the rest is recesitative.
  • lol, i mean where i can listen 2 it? i don't no nething about wat u said
  • lol they dont sing the same parts over and over with a different tune. I never said that i hope.
    They take the first four parts, starting with [coptic]piouwini[/coptic] untill [coptic]Ak] nan[/coptic], and these are sung in a particulair way, then the next tune is like [coptic]piwik[/coptic] and that one starts from the second series of four part, starting with [coptic]Qen `pjin[/coptic] untill [coptic]Je aversorp [/coptic] etc.
    if u still dont get it say it and i'll list u all the the versees with the appropriate tunes.
  • in the recording all of the words were there, but keep in mind that the first couple of words of the Morning Doxology from [coptic]Tenouwst[/coptic] untill [coptic]Hiten noueu,y[/coptic] are used for the Festal Verses of the Cymbals, then starting from [coptic]Piouwini[/coptic] the rest of the the txt is used for the Seven tones, including [coptic]Neknai[/coptic].
    If u want ALLL of that txt just check out the Morning Doxology's txt.
  • Hey can someone please post up on the text section or in this forum of the Morning Doxology as coptic written in english
    Thank you soo much for ur help
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