Practical Politics: Should we vote?

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1. Should we vote?

2. In God's eyes, is it righteous to vote, is it not righteous, or does it not matter?

3. Does it matter whether we vote or not? How do religion and politics correlate, if they do?

4. Should we vote in a land that is not our native land (not Egypt)?

5. Does it matter who we vote for?

Try to put Bible Verses in your answer for reference if possible. 5 questions.


  • Do your parents vote?
  • If you are of legal age, and it is a legal obligation in your country to vote, then yes you should vote.
  • but does God care if we vote or not?
  • God cares that you obey the law of your nation; therefore, if voting is a legal obligation, then yes He does. This is both a Biblical and patristic principle; i don't have time to give you the references right now though.
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