Egyptian occupations

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Also answer:
How will this occupation affect your relationship with God?
Will you have enough time for God? (as a busy man/woman)
Will Your parents approve of your desired job? Why is that important to you?
If other, what is your desired job?

I desire to be a pharmacist. My dad is a pharmacist, my sister is a pharmacist, and my brother is a pharmacist. Basically, i come from a long line of drug dealers (legitimite of course). :)

Please answer honestly.
Sorry if I did not list your job, or if I should have put something else up there.


  • Sorry I haven't been aware of this thread before, but I voted Doctor, I would like to become a Pediatrition! To your first question, it doesn't effect it, it helps my relationship with God, because I get to help people, not just by donating, but treating others who are in need of help, to your second question--hopefully I will have enough time for God, and to your third question, my parents want me to become a doctor, so we agreed that I will enshalah try to become a Pediatrition (I LOVE LITTLE CHILDREN)!

    Coptic Servent
  • [quote author=MarMar91 link=board=5;threadid=2749;start=0#msg47020 date=1139074485]
    little childrenn... i just thought u shud know pediatricians deal generally with newborn- 18 years old...

    and u gotta do u physicals too.. n most guys prefer a female doctor over a male doctor for that n i'd rather not!!

    but i guess u cud limit ur practice to younger kids...

    MarMar, you ought to know, that I all I want to do is help younger children, and those are not generally the ages for Pediatrictions, some have that, others have only younger patients! I know God will never allow that to happer, my priorities are limited, so soon, enshalah, with God's help, I may become a pediatriticions and help the sick, the ill, and the untreated!

    Coptic Servent
  • Hi every1
    i just want 2 say that having a dream and pursuing it can often be something that strengthens your faith. When you want something bad enough, for instance 2 study a particular course or 2 enter a certain profession, you begin 2 realise how weak u are because of the many obstacles u are faced a poor exam mark and so on and it makes u draw nearer 2 god because you come 2 understand that you can only achieve your goals through him.
    When you fulfil your dream and become preoccupied with life, i guess its a matter of remembering who got you there in the first place...
  • [quote author=MarMar91 link=board=5;threadid=2749;start=0#msg47028 date=1139077315]
    oo, im sorry, i didnt mean to offend u in anyway or upset u, i am only talking out of experience cuz my mom is a pediatrician n she tells me these things, n ya.. those are generally the ages, but ya, if its ur practice, u can do naything u want with it and limit it, and regulate it as u please...

    n i said that, if u want u can only have that.. but i gave u the biggest range, the max range...

    again, i didnt mean it in the way u obviously took i.. i guess i just said the truth, but maybe my wording wasnt so great to u n u heard it differently (or read it, since it is online)

    Sorry, again, I apologize, because I misunderstood what you were aiming for, and Cherry88, that was an outstanding response, I began to think about my future, and how many obstacles are in life, I truely believe that having a dream and pursuing it can often be something that does strengthen my faith, and my hope to become a Pediatriction is very limited, but even though I am hoping that God will help me become one, and help me in the future to set my priorities straight!

    Coptic Servent
  • great topic...

    um well i picked lawyer...n its simple...

    i love debating...

    n i also fit the characteristics of a debator...

    load, convincing, NOT shy (at all) umm hard working...and so on..

    HOWEVER>>>>>law would probably and i say probabaly wont help with my SPIRITUAL LIFE at all...

    eg...court hearings and cases....they can occur at anytime...sometimes on sundays...while church is on...and i should keep the Sabath Holy...

    no. two...ususally lawyer (for a job) must lie...i know u are going to say u dont have to ...but that is what a lawyer does...

    just like someone in the army must kill....

    DO YOU GUYS think they are valuable reasons to NOT be a lawyer...

    put in mind..that this is the JOB of my DREAMS!!!!!
  • personally, i think a lwayer would 100% fit u heheheh
    (have u heard her speak lol) only jokin

    i plan on becoming a secondary teacher and hope to teach history, english and religion (god willing) i dont think it will affect my spiritual life because i get weekend off and also holidays, so its gr8 ;D and my parents would love me 2 be a teacher (since my mum is a maths and science teacher and so is the rest of her side of the family) and my dad was an archeologist so he loves the idea of me teaching its all good :P

    wel this is the job ive been wanting ever since i can remember, i love the idea of teaching.

    so pray 4 me guys cus this year with my finals helps me get a teaching course :-X
  • David Gods beloved was King and I do not think it affected his relationship with God severly

    ...He meditated on Gods law day and night I think

    But when he got a bit u'sed to living in luxury (maybe) I think it was a factor in causing his downfall maybe...

    But he repented and was saved...

    Maybe God gave him special help to be King and love God with all ? his heart at the same time ? ? or maybe God will help us all like He helped him..

  • [quote author=Marianne87 link=board=11;threadid=2749;start=0#msg47173 date=1139161717]
    could u stop saying the word "maybe"...if u are sure of something just say if not then don't...sorry but it bothers me u say the word hundred times in ur post.

    Marianne, I think it is alright to say maybe because, of 2 things, that when you are not sure about something, it's the best thing to do is use maybe, because it does help, and secondly, God wants us to understand that enshalah and maybe, help in this world a lot, because if you aren't sure of something, we say enshalah in arabic meaning hopefully, which brings up a good point, if you say that, and you are saying don't say this, than this is just plain out rude, because you want someone to stop this, but instead you do the same thing! I'm sorry if you thought I sounded a little bit harsh, but I just wanted to explain this word to you a bit more clearer!

    Coptic Servent
  • MarMar, she is talking about my post, it wasn't you, first off, I did not even offend you, and second of all, if you don't want me on this site, than I'll leave, because I don't even feel that you would like me on this site, and third of all, I didn't even call you rude, please check what I wrote, because I was talking in general not a specific or particular!

    Coptic Servent
  • Sorry u go I deleted all my posts so u don't have to deal with that..I was just stating an opnion and since that's not welcomed...ok no harm made.
    Anyway...who am I to even tell you that I don't like you on the do whatever u want I am no admin or anything to tell u something like that. Again forgive more stating opnions about people..i will keep it to myself.
    Forgive me and God bless u :)
  • Hi Marianne, I'm also apologize if you misunderstood me, as God said, "Forgive and Forget", I just think we should have been more calm about the situation, and you didn't need to apologize, because God said, "Respect your elders" I also undesrstand that, we could say everything in a calmer way!

    Coptic Servent
  • Hey guys, how is eveyone doing sorry i havent posted in awhile.
    I noticed that things got a little .weird over here.
    i personally dont think CopticServant said ANYTHING that should have bothered any one
    She should stay because she's are a great help around this place just like the rest of you. if you have a problem with anything then you shouldnt take it out on other people. i think when she said "enshalla" she meant nothing but showing that decisions arent up to her and she knows that. Abounat have answers too but that doesnt mean you cant learn from other people.
    im just trying to clarify a few points..take care everyone

    ~ Daughter of God
  • I am the one who says maybe much
  • [quote author=MarMar91 link=board=11;threadid=2749;start=0#msg47177 date=1139162147]
    sorry, i think i do that sometimes... btw, i've always wondered.. is it wrong to be a lawyer, cuz u know Jesus says woe to u lawyers in one of the gospels..

    ok guys let it go....

    anyways....really i never read anything like that..oh no...please some1 answer ASAP!!!!! :o :o :o :o :o
  • back to the it truly wrong 2 be a lawyer??
  • lol u guys r hilarious..
    i dont think its wrong to be a lawyer, why would it be?..i wanna be a lawyer..maybe:S

    ~Daughter of God
  • thanks for that marmar...even though it sounded was really important for me to find out!!!!!!!!
  • 'why' i think u'll be ok cus sayedna has been askin for ppl to become more lawyers- he wants a good coptic lawyer, so go for it ;)
  • In my case, haha jk, well, what I think of being a lawyer is it depends on who you are defending, is it the guilty or the unguilty, if it's the guilty, you might have to lie a bit, because that is what you are paid to do, is to defend the victim, but if you are defending someone who is unguilty I guess that is ok!

    Coptic Servent
  • i wanna be a pediatric oncologist ;)... gonna take A LOT of time...
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