What is the difference between ...?

What is the difference between protestantism, Anglicanism, and Presbetyrianism.

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  • The Anglican and Presbetyrian churches are Protestant...for specific differences between the two, you'd have to research it..but protestants churches are very similiar..
  • good question...but i think the differences are as small as the differences between the types of orthodox!!
  • The Anglican church is the church of England, if any has heard it being used in this term. The Anglican church was established by, I think, Henry VI, who was the king of England. Of course, many English followed their king and became Anglican also. The Anglican patriarch is the king of England. Henry VI broke from the Catholic church because he wanted to divorce his present wife and the pope refused. In effect he formed his own church and under his own power divorced and married another. As for the Presbyterian church I think that these sites sum it up well:



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  • oh yer i knew tht but it never seemed to cross my mind!! ;D
  • The Anglican church, as mentioned is the Church of England. Henry VIII (the eighth) broke off from the Catholic church and created the church of england after the RCC refused to grant him a divorce from his wife Catherine of Aragon b/c she couldn't bear him a male child. They also refused to recognize his new wife, Anne Boylen as the Queen of England, citing that in the church's eyes, Henry was still married to his first wife Catherine. This strong stand by the church was lead by Sir Thomas More, who Henry then beheaded (More is now a saint in the RCC).

    After the beheading of More, the Pope excommunicated Henry, so Henry then believed that the monarch should become the head of the church rather than the Pope, so he made himself head of his own religion, in which he could divorce (interesting note: Henry ended up beheading Anne Boylen after this big struggle :o). Many view the anglican church as actually much closer to the RCC rather than the Protestant church.

    The Protestant church was a split with the RCC lead by Martin Luther, due to the corruptness of the RCC at that time. In essence, the presbyterian church is the result of the Protestant movement when it went to scotland
  • i cant imagine how evil was Henry lol was it him who caused all this war in england between protestants n catholic or was it something else i confused it with..

  • About Anglicanism - it's a quite strange confession. It doesn't have one faith - everyone can believe in everything he want's (the Symbolic Documents are practicaly just a meaningless sheets of paper). There are a few 'streams' of theology (evangelical, anglo-catholic, traditional anglican, charismatic), but there still you can't say 'that's an anglican doctrine'. Some kind of 'official faith' can be found here:


    About Presbyterianism - it comes from theology of Jonhn Calvin, Ulrich Zwingli and other Reformators from Switzerland. Just search for 'Presbyterian Church' or 'Presbyterianism' in Google and You'll find everything You want. ;)

    And there is no 'Protestant Church' - 'protestant' is a term for kind of christian confession, that recognizes the Bible to be the only authority in faith (it's quite illogical, don't you think?).

    (Sir Thomas More, who is memorized in liturgy of RCC with bishop John Fisher, other martyr from this hard time for RCC in UK, is my patron from chrismation. ;))
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