Will God allow them to enter the Kingdom of Heaven?

Will God let babies, who have died before baptism, enter the Kingdom of Heaven?

If their parents are Christian (just and devout), will the unbaptized baby achieve eternal life?

Also, will God allow babies into His Kingdom if they endured miscarriage or abortion (this is, of course, the parent(s)' choice)?

[sub]3 seperate questions.[/sub]


  • One Answer to all those questions...We simply just don't know...God is merciful...but we still don't know the will of God.
  • You will find your questions answered extensively by one of the greatest theologians and Fathers of our Church, St Gregory of Nyssa, here:

  • no abortion is parent's choice only, sorry if i was not clear.
    Miscarriage is clearly accidental (or its hould be).
  • i think if its an accident so thats god's chooice for the accident to happen!

  • I think that either way, abortion or miscaraige wouldn't matter. As long as the child was suppose to baptized, then i think he will still go to heaven. But like Marianne87 said b4, we just dont know.

  • look u guys..god know what that baby gonna be..and nothing happenes againest god's will...if god knows that baby is gonna be whatever..he isn't even gonna let the mom think..
  • Please refer to 2 samuel 12:19-22;

    Pay close attention to David's response after he has heard of his own son's death. I have posted specifics on the "Death and Eternity" forum which I believe may prove to be beneficial in regard to this topic....if anyone is interested.

    God Bless.
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