Blessed be the name of the Lord

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hello fellow Christians,
i was wondering if anyone heard of the hymn:

"Who am i to be part of your people
the ones that are called by your name
could i be chosen as one of your own
could it be that our blood is the same
how can a stranger a remnant of nations
be one of the royal line
you showed your grace
when the branches were broken
and i grafted into the vine"

Blessed be the name of the Lord x4

and another verse.

I have the words, but i cannot find it anywhere
if someone knows of it or heard
any assistance would be appreciated
thanks to all



  • i think i did but i am not sure if its the same one!
  • do you have an audio file that u can PLZ send on
  • i will really appritait if u did that because it looks like a cool!
  • i unfortunately dont have an audio of it,
    thats what im looking for

    sandrahanna, if you have an audio of ANY version or know where it is available i would love to know

    thanx to all

    especially mnc_hnn (since you already KNOW i dont have an audio of it :P)
  • no i don't coz u don't tell me nething but:
    ' u're a goose '
  • huh? "you're a goose"?

    who said that?
  • I think mnc_hnn is saying that to mg as a joke? is it approptiate joking? haha

  • nvm

    it's a joke neway he knows lol ;)
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