when mary...

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does anyone have the song 'When Mary...'
its really lovely and it would b gr8 if someone could post me the words, the song, anything.
frog i know u have the song ;)
thanx guys


  • this song, ??


    when mary the mother saw the shepherd, and the lamb,
    the savior of the whole world, hanging on the cross
    she said while she was weeping
    Now the world rejoices in receiving salvation
    while my heart burns as I look at your crucifixion
    ?? enduring for the sake of all, my Son and my God

    3indema nazaret ilwaleda ilra3ee we ilhamal mokhalas il3alem
    3ala ilsaleeb mo3alakan, kalat we heya bakeya
    ama il3alem fa yefrah be kebolohe ilkhalas
    ama ahsha2ee fa talteheb 3ind nazaree ila salabotek

    i uploaded it here
    to download, wait till it says the time, however many seconds, is over
    then click where it says "click here to download"
  • ohhh this 1 is amazzzinggg thnx 4 sharing this :)

  • uploaded it here
    wait...thats thing isn't working!! :-\
  • no it is working and i've downloaded it u just need to wait for 45secs then u might find a small window on your right hand with 'x' on it , close it then u click on the rectangle with 'click here to download' and choose where u want to save it

    i know it's confusing but only da 1st time ;)
  • thank you so much for the song and text
  • guys this song as a duo sounds really good
  • does anyone have another version of the song??
  • yea if ne1 hv or even a :oNEW SONG :o wow

    this song is great

    rabena ye3owadek khyr princessMary :)
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