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I have heard people say you should consider yourself lucky if you get cancer, because you have a chance to repent and get closer to God as your days come to an end. That maybe getting cancer is a blessing.

But what about the people that pass away via accident or in a quick manner?

Of course the assumption is that you should be living as a good Christian regardless, so it shouldnt matter when you die. I guess my question is, does God choose certain people by giving them a chance to repent? and can we say the same thing about AIDS?


  • thats a very good question. i dont know if this is a verse or just a saying (i know it in arabic so im translating it the best i can) "All that happens, happens for a good reason." and (not sure about this one) "Only good things happen for those who trust(or know) God."
    It all comes down to God's will and what he wants. he always tries to do the best for us.
    yes i have heard that too. bad things happen to good people. a perfect example would be Job. lets not forget what happenned to him. but he was a rightouss man.
    there are other ways that God could wake us up with, not just diseases. Yet we should not judge people for what happens to them.
    pray for me
  • personal quote:
    God takes you at your best, so that you may withstand the test...
  • Hi every1,

    Yes, this has been first said by Father Bishoy Kamel who was calling cancer "the illness of the Paradise". Because once a person gets it, he knows that his end is near and starts repenting. Also since he suffers by this illness, he participates with the suffering of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Father Bishoy Kamel was during all his life as a priest giving special care to people with cancer until the day he, himself, got the cancer. He served our Lord during his 2 last years of illness more than he served during his 18 years of health.

    This is just an introduction about cancer and how, we, as children of God, can get benefit from anything even if people around us feel pity for what we have but we must believe that (as egyprincess said) "Everything works for the best for those who love God".

    Thank you and may God bless you.

    Pray for me.

  • does God choose certain people by giving them a chance to repent? and can we say the same thing about AIDS?

    God gives each person one last chance to repent before dying. He doesn't only choose certain people for that. God knows that we don't live as perfect christians and thats why he gives us that last chance, and sadly many of us don't realize it.
  • well my grandma recently died of cancer.
    she was a blessed women, always simple, kind, alwaz, alwaz acted out of luv, never got angery, she was really close to God.

    i believe she got cancer, not because she needed to repent, but so God may test her, give her sufferin on earth, so that she may endure and be rewarded in heavn for taking all her sufferings without complaint...
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