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hi everyone

recently i realized how little self-control we as humans have, so i decided to start this thread. basicly i'm asking everyone to make a suggestion on how we can all apply certain practices to our lives so that we may learn the virtue of self control

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  • Dear Chiefofsinners,
    Yes, as humans we do have little self-control, and little self-confidence, I don't know why can't we have confidence and a higher self-esteem, and be trustful, that is a great question. What you should do for practicing, all you need to do is RELAX R-E-L-A-X and read the Bible or Agpeya, or something that cheers you up, we need to practice realizing that if we have trust in us and trust in other we will have self-control as 1 of the Fruits of the Spirit! Hope that helped!

    Coptic Servent
  • It seems that self control is one of those things u have when your spirit is in control of your body. Sometimes the body wants its own desires like good looks, attention, food, lust, athleticism, etc. and these can conflict with our spiritual desires. We tend to lose self control when we feed our bodily desires and disregard our spiritual desires. Some of the sacraments in church like fasting can help starve the bodily desires. Also, prayer can give the strength to fight other desires which can weaken the body and strengthen the spirit leaving you with good self control. It's true what you mentioned above about relaxing. A few minutes of sitting still and praying to God in silence can really help also. A good prayer can recharge your spirit for the whole day at least.
  • First, we must learn to need God more than we need food and other worldy things.
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