I need help

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I have been infected with a virus in all fonts in the control panal

I find group of fonts in its icon a letter A written in red color refuse to be removed by cutting or deleting

the icon of normal icon fonts have letter T in blue
beside the name of all the fonts 3 letters ttf

the mozella firefox refuse to open many of the program when I try to play I find white message thier is error

can I find help


  • Hi, this doesn’t sound like a virus to me. The icons with the red A are system fonts. This is the reason you aren’t able to drag and drop them or delete them etc. I don’t understand why you are trying to in the first place.

    The others are also fine. TTF stands for True Type Font. Everybody has both these red and blue icons. There is nothing wrong with them. If you are still convinced you have a virus, what is it keeping you from doing? What problems are you experiencing? Not being able to delete a file doesn’t mean you have a virus.

    What version of fire fox are you running?
  • mozilla firefox1.0.6
    I have a running process HPBPRO.EXE
    I hope to understand what is it
    I find a trojan horse and win32 trojan.gen virus I know that from Avast antivirus
    I am grateful to help
  • HPBPRO is somthing from hewlett packard. Do you, or did you, have a hewlett packard printer installed on this computer? You can terminate it; it shouldn't have an effect on any other programs. And if you think it’s causing you any problems then you should definitely terminate it. Try to quarantine and then delete the trojan.
  • I download
    1- avast antivirus
    2- spayware doctor
    3- ad-aware se personal
    4- superad blocker
    5- registry mechanic

    now every thing return to normal exept the presence of HPBPRO.EXE

    my printer is hp laser Jt 1010 series

    if any one can help me to know more what it is effect and to correct the problem

    many thanks to all
  • I'm glad everything is back to normal. Maybe I wasn't clear. HPBPRO is a file associated with Hewlett Packard. That is why I was asking if you had an HP printer. Don't worry about the HPBPRO, it isn't bad.
  • I am very grateful to your help pray for me
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