Uploading New Material

edited August 2012 in Technical Topics
We have set up an easy way to upload any media you want to share with Tasbeha.org members.

Steps to Upload:
  • 1. We only accept MP3 files for audio uploads.
    If uploading mp3s, please make sure the file has correct id3v2 tag information for: Track Title, Album, and Artist.
    You can set this information in Windows XP by right clicking on the file, Properties -> Summary -> Advanced. Fill in at least Title, Album, and Artist. You can also use Winamp or any other id3 tagger for this. We suggest the free utility MP3 Tag Tools if you wish to tag several files at once.

  • 2. If you have more than one file, use Windows XP or Winzip to zip up all the files into one zip file.

  • 3. To upload now, go to Help > E-mail Us ([email protected]) and we'll e-mail you further instructions
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