Gospel of the Samaritan Woman

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I was listening to the Gospel of the Samaritan Woman a few weeks ago in church, and i heard a verse that sorta hit me a little. I have a few questions, that i don't know if anybody knows the answer to, but i'm hoping they do. Well, when the apostles came back and found Jesus talking to the woman, it says in the Gospel "They marveled that He was speaking with a woman?" Why would they marvel about that? He had never spoken to a woman before? and that got me wondering....wasn't God a teenager once too. I no it may seem a little stupid, but it really had me wondering. i was hoping anybody could shed some light on that [excuse my ignorance].


  • And at this point His disciples came, and they marveled that He talked with a woman; yet no one said, "What do You seek?" or, "Why are You talking with her?"
    John 4:27

    God spoke to women on several occasion (martha, Mary Magdelen, the Mary's, many widows..etc... the list goes on) only thing that, i think, made this different was that she was a samaritan.
    I think u need to diffrentiate here, it's Jesus Christ here... not to mention he's the Divine Father and the HOLY SPIRIT lol He was 100% Divine and 100% Human... and they never seperated
    in my opinion... when someone is 100% Divine, even in their teen years, they don't look at other people in that sense
    if u read some of the stories recorded from when Jesus was a child, you'll find that he did very innocent and pure movements... things that no kid would do today, or then even...
    just keep in mind...Jesus Christ is God, even if he was a teen once
    and don't think it's stupid, we are often confused and question God when it comes to these kind of things :)
  • hmm..makes sense actualy :-) i forgot the fact that He was Jewish and she was Samaritan...wha sorta threw me off was that it says "they marveled that He talked with a woman." i understand what u mean tho, i still can't put it in words tho..i just have the thought in my head. thanks anyway...
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